Dr. Adal M. Hussain and his Staff members  have covered the last two annual awards dinners of the Boxing Writers Association of America. At these events, they conducted high profile interviews with the likes of Vitali Klitschko and Roy Jones. The BWAA recognizes their contribution in helping make our affair a success.

In addition to the above, Dr. Hussain, has done extensive interviews for The New York State Boxing Hall of Fame and for Ring 8 of New York.

Dr. Hussain has been known for his various humanitarian endeavors in which he has worked tirelessly in persuading youth that sports is a viable alternative to the temptations of the streets.

Of course, Dr. Hussain’s work on World Liberty Television extends beyond the sports world.  He has developed close relationships within the entertainment, fashion industries and many more .

As one who has known Dr. Hussain for over 20 years, I salute his efforts for all he does to make this world a better place.

Jack Hirsch, President - Boxing Writers Association of America, (BWAA)