World Liberty TV has worked with thousands of people throughout the years that we have been in existence. Here in our testimonial page you will hear what some of the people have to say about the experience they had with World Liberty TV.

Dr. Adal M. Hussain and his Staff members  have covered the last two annual awards dinners of the Boxing Writers Association of America. At these events, they conducted high profile interviews with the likes of Vitali Klitschko and Roy Jones. The BWAA recognizes their contribution in helping make our affair a success.

In addition to the above, Dr. Hussain, has done extensive interviews for The New York State Boxing Hall of Fame and for Ring 8 of New York.

Dr. Hussain has been known for his various humanitarian endeavors in which he has worked tirelessly in persuading youth that sports is a viable alternative to the temptations of the streets.

Of course, Dr. Hussain’s work on World Liberty Television extends beyond the sports world.  He has developed close relationships within the entertainment, fashion industries and many more .

As one who has known Dr. Hussain for over 20 years, I salute his efforts for all he does to make this world a better place.

Jack Hirsch, President - Boxing Writers Association of America, (BWAA)

On a major book tour for Walter T. Shaw’s book “A License To Steal,” son of genius inventor Walter L. Shaw and holder of 39 patents including the conference call, call waiting and call forwarding, one of our main markets of travel was New York City.  We aligned a book signing party in Little Italy at a popular Mulberry Street while we shared the news tip with many media outlets, from the media that attended, there’s always some that you know will remain a colleague in the media industry because of their deep interest in gathering and conveying the facts of a story.  Having the ability to share a story in which someone can read, understand and spark interest into wanting to know more is a the best part of the media field.  That being said, we had the pleasure of working with Dr. Adal M. Hussain, PhD, Executive Producer for World Liberty TV at the book signing. The inquisitive passion that Dr. Adal M. Hussain put into his interview truly showed in coverage that was serviced to the public which gained terrific recognition.

Adrienne Mazzone, Executive Vice President, TransMedia Group

Dr. Adal M. Hussain, PhD. is an amazing TV producer with exceptional hosting skills. I was lucky to be interviewed by Dr. Adal at the Couture Fashion Week and found him as a great professional, interesting interlocutor, and smart person. Thank you, Dr. Adal, for great work!

Oksana Tanasiv, Artist/Owner at Oksana Tanasiv Art LLC