Interview with Helen Patton of Patton Publishing and the Granddaughter of General Patton at The BEA NY Show 2012

The new book by photographers Robert Miller and Andrew Wakeford presents vignettes representing a cross-section of living war veterans who have made personal sacrifices and, in many cases, have undergone the horrors of combat. The authors approached this project with a desire to recognize these servicemen and women visually through portrait-quality photos combined with personal remembrances of their individual experiences and service to their country.
Miller and Wakeford spent over two years interviewing more than 150 vets from five different wars. Among the more than 70 veterans represented in Portraits of Service, some are famous and some are homeless, but they all have one very important thing in common: they put their lives on the line for freedom.
World Liberty TV Book Review team was on hand to interview Ms. Helen Patton, the Granddaughter of General Patton at the BEA 2012.

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