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NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Event at Bronx New York -2021

Like so many New Yorkers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams grew up with adversity—and overcame it.

As one of six children, born in Brownsville and raised in South Jamaica by a single mom who cleaned houses, Eric and his family did not always know if they would come home to an eviction notice on the front door or food on the table. And when he was beaten by police in the basement of a precinct house at 15, Eric faced a life-changing act of injustice.

But instead of giving into anger, Eric turned his pain into purpose and decided to change the police department from within. He joined the NYPD and became one of its most outspoken officers, calling out racism and bias in the department and pushing for major reforms.

As a founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, Eric would often police the streets in a bulletproof vest one day during the high-crime 1980’s and 1990’s and protest bad behavior by cops the next, marching side-by-side with his fellow civil rights advocates. He rose to the rank of captain, helping to build the first computerized system for tracking crime in the city, which led to historic gains in public safety.

Eric’s efforts to change policing began his lifelong work to improve and protect New York. From the NYPD, he moved on to the State Senate, where he represented sections of central and Brownstone Brooklyn. In Albany, Eric built winning coalitions to advance New York City’s values and goals, helping to push through measures to protect tenants and workers, combat gun violence, end the NYPD’s abuses of stop and frisk, and advance human rights — including marriage equality. He also became the first person of color to chair the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee.

Eric was then elected Brooklyn Borough President in 2013 by putting together a diverse coalition of Brooklynites to become the borough’s first Black leader. As the representative of one of the nation’s largest counties, Eric fought tirelessly to grow the local economy, invest in schools, reduce inequality, improve public safety, and advocate for smart policies and better government that delivers for all New Yorkers. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the city, Eric moved a mattress into his office and worked around the clock to deliver donated meals and PPE to essential workers and vulnerable New Yorkers, demanding government produce more equitable relief.

22 years: As a New York City Police Officer for 22-years, Eric honorably served the city and often risked his life for those he made an oath to protect.

4 terms: Eric served 4-terms as a New York State Senator fighting for the rights of his community and for people often left out of the political conversation.

7 years: The first African-American Borough President of Brooklyn, Eric served for 7-years positively impacting the lives of over 2.6 Million people.

We at World Liberty TV, like to thank Lenny Caro, AKA Mr. Bronx for his friendship for over 20 years, and his invite to this event and also thank Alfred Placeres who served on the Eric Adams, NYC Mayoral Committee for the Bronx fundraiser.

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Asylum N.Y.C.’s Premiere Comedy Theater To Present New York Is Back: In The Basement-2021

Opened in  Fall of 2018, Improv Asylum New York is an exciting new addition to Chelsea. With a signature sketch and improv mainstage revue, corporate training, and venue rentals, Improv Asylum has it all.

On Tuesday July 14th 2021, we attended N.Y.C.’s Premiere Comedy Theater To Present New York Is Back: In The Basement. A free Comedic Reopening Celebration. It was a total great experience it featured. The Special Industry/Press Event  Featured Rojo Perez, North Coast, Shiz, Uncle Function
and side coach, Among others.

The Following performers did an live performance at the Asylum NYC, N.Y.C.’s Premiere Comedy Theater: featuring comedy by Seth Rudetsky, North Coast, Uncle Function, SHIZSide Coach, and various acts from the venues’ new solo series. The new performance space bridges the gap between comedy and theater, and provides a welcome home for improv, stand-up, sketch comedy, magic, and dance, as well as plays, musicals, readings and concerts. The special industry/press event is free and open to the general public, but seating is limited

North Coast – A New York Times and Time Out NY Critics Pick, North Coast features a cast of improv comedy veterans in New York City. Explosive performances have been packing comedy venues, universities, and festivals all over the world since 2009.

Built around a single suggestion from an audience member, the show’s improvised scenes escalate into full-blown hip-hop songs, facilitated by resident beatboxer, Doctor Brick. With their seamless melding of comedic timing and freestyle rapping abilities, North Coast frequently blurs the line between comedy show and concert, drawing audiences from the comedy, hip-hop, and theater communities for an experience that has been hailed as “mind-blowing” and “next level” by critics and audiences alike.

Side Coach: It’s a show. It’s a lesson. It’s a mess. Kevin Laibson directs a savage band of improvisers and special guests through on-your-feet study of the cultural and extraordinarily human act of making theater and the process of relationship growth between audience and performers. Featuring some of the best comedians in NYC and specials guests from HBO and Off-Broadway.

Uncle Function – Hailed as one of NYC’s premiere sketch comedy troupes, Uncle Function presents a comedy variety show featuring original sketches, special guests, live musical performances, and more!

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Who is the Next Mayor of New York City? -2021

  BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor For World Liberty TV The Following Contenders from the Democratic party and the Republican party are running to become the next Mayor of New York City, below you would learn about each candidate, what their current position is, what kind of political...
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Manhattan Jewish Historical Initiative, Annual Jewish Hall of Fame Class of 2020

The New York Jewish community could well be considered one of the greatest centers of Jewish living, intellectual and cultural achievement, and participation and contribution to our home country as any community in the entire 5,000 year history of our Jewish civilization.

Incredibly, this local history has never systematically been put in place for Manhattan (in the past decade, local Jewish historical societies have been established for Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island).

This is a legacy project, and one that could not have been accomplished in the planned scope until now. The new technological age creates the possibility to use website and social media to integrate information, including pictures, neighborhoods, stories, oral and video histories, among so many other things.

The outreach to the local, national and international community, Jewish and non-Jewish, is now self-evident.

Through the Manhattan Jewish Historical Initiative, the story of the Jewish community can be marketed to the world, serving as a means by which the life, institutions, and cultural activities of the New York Jewish community can be defined, and marketed for the purpose of giving due recognition to its great achievements, and its role in fostering the Jewish religion, Jewish cultural life and thinking, and Tikkun Olam, in its contribution to the greater multicultural community it has lived with in Manhattan, NYC, America, Israel and the world.

Quarterly meeting have been held since July, 2012, bringing together leaders representing the broad spectrum of the Jewish community of Manhattan, including the Jewish cultural institutions and organizations, Jewish elected officials, religious community, educational institutions, and others.

Initially there has been an exploration of resources in the community. The Manhattan Jewish community has vast resources to call upon, whether it be collections, research and histories already in place at the museums and organizations, city and organizational archives, and so forth, whether it be in terms of the technical expertise of those involved, or the outreach to young people.

This needs to be collected and coordinated, and added to with the collections and stories of the Jewish community at large. Additionally, as an example, the coordination of MJHI with elected officials in their districts for stories of neighborhoods and personal stories would be a boon to everyone involved.

As to the direction for the Initiative, initially it will be low-budgeted, with not much more than a consultant to establish a website, which will be necessary as the backbone and vehicle for this project. The website will be sophisticated, and in many ways be structured similar to the model that has already been created by the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative.

Target date for a MicroSite was suggested for late, 2013, with full Website projected for late Spring, 2014.  An initial event was planned, and held in Fall, 2013 to showcase the Initiative, and also let the community participate directly.

Clearly the project will need funding, although this Initiative is not conceptualized to create a significant overhead, as the bulk of the effort will be community and technologically driven. Social media campaigns will be incorporated in all planning, both for marketing and fundraising, as that is today’s outreach.

Larger take-on’s will be conceptualized as the Initiative progresses, including the possibility of using the Initiative as a vehicle for increasing Jewish culture tourism to NYC.

MJHI is conceptualized to not be competitive with any current organization in the Jewish community, and to be supportive of a longer-term legacy project of the entirety of the Jewish community.Manhattan Jewish Historical Initiative (MJHI),  Jewish Hall of Fame , Class of 2020, took place on Tuesday May 5th 2021, at the Bryant Park , 42nd St Between 5th and 6th Avenues.

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