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Interview with Richard Wright, For Akitio Storage Drives 2014

With Thunderbolt™ 2, speeds are doubled from 10Gb/s to 20Gb/s and the interface supports true uncompressed 4K video but what does that mean for Thunderbolt 2 storage drives in the real world? What requirements have to be met in order to fully utilize this new technology?

 In this article we will have a look at the upcoming Akitio Thunder 2 Quad Mini, a 4-bay storage enclosure designed for up to four 2.5″ SATA-III drives that features the latest Thunderbolt 2 interface.

 Akitio’s Thunderbolt 2 drive, the Thunder 2 Quad Mini, will be available this summer.

 World Liberty TV, Spoke with Mr Richard Wright, For Akitio  Storage Drives, who is the Global Marketing manager based here in the USA.

Storage Vision Conference 2014 at Rivera Las Vegas

Data Storage is the Key Enabler for virtually every facet of modern society.Storage Visions is the place where you will meet and hear from the innovators driving this technology forward!

Highlights:  Two days packed full of keynotes, sessions and exhibits:

Sessions on:

Capturing the Act of Creation: Looking for Storage for High Resolution Content Capture and ProductionKeeping It Safe: Protecting, Storing and Recovering Personal and Commercial Content

 Analyst Perspectives: Perspectives on Technology and Application Changes

 Evolve or Die! : Storage Developments Drive New Storage System Options

Young Users Speak Out: What will Drive Future Consumer Devices

What we want: A Conversation about Storage for Professional Media and Entertainment Professionals

Smart Phones, Tablets and Ultra books: What will they use for storage?

Content for the Tomorrow: Long Term Content Protection and Archiving

 Up there, Somewhere: Opportunities and Challenges for Consumer and Enterprise Cloud Storage

Future Content—What’s Ahead for Content Storage?

Bringing it All Back Home?: Making, Saving, Sharing and Protecting Family and Business Content

 World Liberty TV, was on hand for the 2nd time for the Storage Vision Conference 2014, and had the pleasure of speaking with its Chairman , Mr Tom Coughlin  see what he had to say.

WWE Network Presentations by Triple H and Shawn Michaels 2014

Stephanie introduced Triple H and Shawn Michaels as the founding fathers of Degeneration X. The duo came out in DX attire, and threw glow sticks into the crowd. Hunter and Shawn did some schtick. Steph interrupted and said they are awesome at having fun, which is what the show “WWE Countdown” is all about.

 They did the “Let’s Get Ready To Suck It” routine with Stephanie and more schtick. “This is the first time I’ve done it with a woman,” Hunter said. Instead of “Suck It” they said “WWE Countdown” and then “Watch It.” A video hyped the countdown show.

 Triple H and Shawn come out with their DX gear, DX theme and glowsticks. They do some comedy and Triple H talks Shawn into not taking his pants off. Stephanie interrupts and announces WWE Countdown, a new one-hour series that lets fans rank and discuss a variety of topics. Triple H asks her if that’s how she’s going to announce it? She tells them to do better.

 They joke with her and have her assume the position to do the standard DX intro for the Countdown show. Triple H jokes this is the first time he’s “done it” with a woman. Stephanie apologizes and says this is very embarrassing. Triple H says let’s get ready for WWE Countdown and if you’re not down with that, watch this. We get a preview for the Countdown show. The show will count down things like best catchphrase, craziest villain and more. Shawn says he would have stayed on the couch if he had something like the Network when he was a kid. More comedy from the three.

Stephanie talks about Vince becoming a permanent character on TV many years ago. She says behind the scenes, Vince was fighting for his company. She plugs the Monday Night War. Triple H says “Wars” and HBK and Stephanie cut him off, saying there has only been one war. Sounds like a jab at TNA. Monday Night War: RAW vs. Nitro is another new show for the Network. Lots of comedy here. Triple H talks about how crazy the WCW vs. WWE days were. He says it made for some epic TV and we get a preview for the show.

Wrestling Great Stone Cold Steve Austin , endorses the WWE Network – 2014

Stephanie introduces Steve Austin next. He comes out to a big reaction. Austin asks for everyone to give him a hell yeah. Stephanie throws one at him. Austin talks about how proud he is to be here and how fun it was hanging out in the back.

He says it’s a great time to be part of WWE and a fan of WWE. Stephanie shows us another video package for the Network. Vice President of Digital Media Perkins Miller is out next. Miller shows us some of the technical aspects of the Network, the interface, how to do certain things and generally use the service.

WWE Champ John Cena helps the debut of WWE Network at Las Vegas 2014

John Cena is out next. He says he will be brief. Cena talks about the Network going live on February 24th at 11:05am EST. Cena shows us a countdown clock that will be seen on WWE TV for the next 47 days. Cena thanks the WWE Universe in advance for making history with them. Cena plugs WrestleMania XXX on the Network.

Cena says WWE understands they do not exist without the fans. We go back to Michael Cole. He thanks everyone for joining us and says goodnight.

WWE Wrestling Network Debut Press Conference, Las Vegas 2014

WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 streaming network for wrestling content, will be launched live in the U.S. on Feb. 24, and will feature all 12 World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, live pay-per-view events.

The network’s debut was officially announced by Vince McMahon, WWE’s chairman and CEO, at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and he was joined at the announcement by popular wrestlers John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H.

 “Today is a historic day for WWE as we transform and reimagine how we deliver our premium live content and 24/7 programming directly to our fans around the world,” McMahon said. “WWE Network will provide transformative growth for our company and unprecedented value for our fans.”

 The WWE Network will include “WrestleMania,” which will be made available for $9.99 a month with a 6-month commitment. At launch, the network will include original programming, reality shows, classic wrestling matches, and more than 1,500 hours of archived programming, which will include uncut and uncensored video libraries of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The network will be available on desktops and laptops via WWE’s website. It will also be made available to fans through the WWE app on Android devices; iOS devices like Apple iPad and iPhone; Amazon’s Kindle Fire; Roku streaming devices; Sony PS3 and PS4; and Xbox360. The network will also be available on additional devices like Xbox One and select Smart TVs, after a few months of its launch.

 The second-screen experience, which will be made available for all original programming and live events through the WWE App, is said to be similar to the interactive fan experience currently available for flagship TV programs “WWE Raw” and “WWE SmackDown.”

 “We believe that this is the future,” Michelle Wilson, WWE chief revenue and marketing officer, reportedly said.

 WWE Network will air 30-minute-long pre- and post-shows for WWE’s weekly cable programs “Monday Night Raw” and “Friday Night SmackDown.” All episodes of original programming on WWE Network will be made available on demand immediately after they premiere.

 The network is scheduled to launch in the U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and in Scandinavian countries by the end of 2014 or early 2015.

      World Liberty TV, Team was on hand to witness this WWE Network Historical announcement at The Wynn Casino Las Vegas at the Same Time as the International CES 2014.

Inaugural Ceremony For Scott M.Stringer Comptroller at City Hall NY (2014)

Scott M. Stringer  is the 44th and current New York City Comptroller and a New York Democratic politician who previously served as the 26th Borough President of Manhattan.

In 1983, he became a legislative assistant to Assemblyman, and future Congressman, Jerrold Nadler. During these years, he supported Democratic candidate Governor Mario Cuomo. In 1992, Stringer ran for Nadler’s Assembly seat representing the Upper West Side when Nadler replaced deceased Congressman Ted Weiss.

 In 2001, Stringer ran unsuccessfully for New York City Public Advocate. In 2005, he entered the race to succeed C. Virginia Fields as Manhattan Borough President. His candidacy was endorsed by the New York Times. On September 13, 2005, he won the Democratic primary against 9 other candidates and was later elected in the November general election. He took office as Borough President on January 1, 2006.

Stringer was considered one of several contenders for the 2013 New York City Mayoral primary before he announced in mid-November 2012 that he would instead run for city comptroller in the 2013 election. Stringer was challenged by former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer in the Democratic party primary. Stringer, originally thought to have the lead unopposed, trailed Spitzer in the polls until late August, when he took a two-point lead. Stringer defeated Spitzer in the September 10 primary, 52%–48%.

 World Liberty TV, Political team was on hand to witness  Scott M.Stringer    44th Comptroller of New York City Sworn  by the honorable Eileen Bransten , justice of the Supreme Court New York County Commercial Division.

Inaugural Ceremony For Letitia James Public Advocate at City Hall NY (2014)

Letitia A. “Tish” James is the 4th and current New York City Public Advocate and an American lawyer, activist and politician in the Democratic Party. She previously served as a member of the New York City Council, representing Brooklyn’s 35th Council District, which includes the neighborhoods of Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, parts of Crown Heights, Prospect Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant. She chaired the Economic Development and Sanitation Committees, and serves on the committees for Parks & Recreation, Small Business, Technology in Government, Veteran Affairs, and Women’s Issues.

 In 2013, James ran for New York City Public Advocate and received 36% of the vote in the first Democratic primary, under the 40% threshold to avoid a runoff election.However, James won the Democratic runoff on October 1, 2013 against second-place finisher Daniel Squadron, 59%–41%, becoming the party’s nominee for the city’s elected watchdog in November without a Republican opponent, and subsequently winning the general election with over 83% of the vote.

 In the 2013 election campaign for Public Advocate, James has been endorsed by many of the city’s important labor unions, NOW, Planned Parenthood, Democracy for NYC, League of Conservation Voters, James accomplished her first place finish in spite of her campaign trailing Daniel Squadron’s and Reshma Saujani’s, in fundraising. She was endorsed by third-place finisher Saujani on September 17 and subsequently won the run-off. In the general election in November 2013 she won with 83.55% of the vote (78.02% on the Democratic Party line and 5.53% on the Working Families Party line) with no Republican opponent.

 World Liberty TV, Political team was on hand to witness Letitia A. “Tish” James ,4th Public Advocate  of New York City Sworn  by Reverend Anthony L.Trufant, Senior Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Brooklyn NY.

Inaugural Ceremony For Mayor Bill de Blasio at City Hall NY (2014)

Democrat Bill de Blasio took the oath of office administered by former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday, formally becoming the city’s 109th mayor while pledging to pursue a sweeping liberal agenda.”Big dreams are not a luxury reserved for a privileged few but the animating force behind every community, in every borough,” he said.

The moment was the pinnacle of de Blasio’s unlikely political rise as a symbol of restoration for the city’s Democrats, who outnumber Republicans by a 6-1 ratio in one of the nation’s most liberal cities yet haven’t controlled City Hall since 1993.De Blasio was first sworn in 12 hours earlier at a brief modest ceremony outside his home in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. Flanked by his wife, Chirlane McCray, and their two teenage children, he was administered the oath by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, signed the official paperwork and, with a broad smile, paid the requisite $9 fee to the city clerk.

The events at City Hall were conducted on a far grander scale.Clinton was joined by his wife, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a presumptive White House front-runner in 2016. Another potential presidential candidate, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, also sat nearby, as did former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, just hours into his first day as a private citizen after spending 12 years in office.

World Liberty TV, Political team was on hand to witness  Bill de Blasio 109th Mayor of New York City Sworn  by President William Jeefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States.