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Boutique Design New York (BDNY)-2023

By: Lidia Evita, Staff Writer for World Liberty TV Boutique Design New York (BDNY) is the leading trade fair and conference for hospitality’s boutique and lifestyle design community. For two high-energy days each November, it’s the curated, creative event of the industry—bringing designers, architects, purchasing agents, hoteliers, owners, and developers together with inventive manufacturers of...
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104th Annual New York Veterans Day Parade – NYC 2023

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor for World Liberty TV, 5th Ave NYC  Saturday November 11th 2023  America’s veterans—representing every branch of service and generation of warriors since WWII—to march up Fifth Avenue for the 104th annual Veterans Day Parade, Saturday, November 11, 2023, 12:30 to 3:30 pm rain or shine. Spectators can view the parade,...
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Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade-2023

BY: Adal Hussain, Chief Editor,  Thompkins Square Park NYC Oct 21st 2023

In addition to the traditional parade activities, an “experiential area” will be added this year across from the parade route on Avenue B and 7th St. with activities, services and sample stations.

The event is already the largest Halloween dog costume contest in NYC—and perhaps even in the world—and now it’ll be bigger than ever before.

The Tompkins Square Park Dog Run announced the news on Instagram this morning, writing “Keep working on those costumes…THE PARADE! IS! BACK! ON!

Their announcement thanked sponsor Get Joy, a local dog wellness startup, for saving the parade. Parade leaders also thanked Mayor Eric Adams and Councilwoman Carolina Rivera “for quickly jumping into action.”

For more than three decades the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade has been a tradition welcoming hundreds of dogs in adorable outfits.

“It’s a celebration of joy, creativity and the unbreakable bond between humans and their four-legged best friends,” Fern Watt, dog author and communications officer of the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run, said in a press release.

“It’s basically the Met Gala for the Canine Community. We’ve been overcome by the amazing display of support from our community, so call the pup-arazzi: the show will go on!”

Watt will serve as a judge for the event, alongside Get Joy founder/CEO Tom Arrix, Get Joy’s Veterinary Advisor Dr. Brett Levitzke of VERG Brooklyn, and others.

Expect incredible prizes for winners of various costume contest categories, including best in show, people’s choice, most creative and more.

Year after year, the canine costumes prove remarkably elaborate and conceptual, so get creative. Some of our favorite looks from past years include Phantom of the Opera, Starbarks, and even an NYC garbage can. The ingenuity knows no bounds.

This isn’t the first time the parade has faced cancellation, by the way. Amid the pandemic in 2020, the parade paused, but it came roaring back in 2021.

What started as a small gathering among friends has ballooned into a cornerstone of New York City’s Halloween season, drawing thousands of spectators to the East Village to marvel, coo and laugh at creations that somehow become more elaborate every year.

When everything runs smoothly, Garrett Russo, who created the event and organized it for nearly 30 years, said the parade can raise more than $50,000 for the Tompkins Square Park dog run, where dogs can run around off-leash in a gated area. It was the city’s first.

The money goes toward resurfacing the dog park and regular maintenance, and many of the city’s dog parks have arrangements with private groups to take care of such areas.

Thousands of people attended the 2023 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade-2023, see more in our World Liberty TV, Political Channels by clicking here.


The 2023 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade-2023

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor,   Thompkins Square Park  NYC Oct 21st 2023 Mark your calendar for the annual parade on Saturday, October 21 from 1-3pm; stay tuned for more details. In addition to the traditional parade activities, an “experiential area” will be added this year across from the parade route on Avenue B and 7th...
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The 79th Annual Columbus Day Parade-2023

By Liliana Rocio Senior Editor,  44st  &  5th Ave NYC  Oct 9th 2023 The 79th Annual Columbus Day Parade returns to Fifth Avenue in New York City on Monday, October 9, 2023. On Friday President of the Columbus Heritage Coalition, Angelo Vivolo, was joined by representatives from New York City’s largest Italian-American organizations for a...
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New York Fashion Week, Fashion Shows Part 1 – Sept 2023

I am glad to say New York Fashion Week, September 2023 was back in full force, I got so many invites to almost every show one can think of and was humanely impossible to attend each and every show. It reminded me of my early days, before COVID-19. We have been covering NYFW for 20 years.

Below you will see some of the Fashion shows, Fashion Presentations, Private VIP Parties and exclusive interviews with Designers, models and much more. we attended, during New York Fashion Week 2023.

Harlem Fashion Row Style Awards & Fashion Show & VIP Party -2023 at the Iconic Apollo Theatre in the Heart of Harlem: Harlem’s Fashion Row Celebrated Its 16th Annual Style Awards and Runway Show, Harlem Fashion Row—the organization founded by Brandice Daniel.

Devoted to uplifting and supporting Black and Latinx talent in fashion which included the following honoree’s: On stage, awards were collected by rapper A$AP Rocky, singer Kelly Rowland, stylists Wayman + Micah, photographer Johnny Nuñez, editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, and designer Stella Jean.

Nicole Benefield Portfolio, A. Potts, and Megan Renee all showed new collections on the catwalk, too.

Lastly, rapper A$AP Rocky Father of Rihanna’s 2 Boys.

Collected the Virgil Abloh Award presented by LVMH, and he spoke of his personal relationship with the late designer. “Virgil discovered us, [the A$AP Mob crew], before I got my record deal. Virgil went on to design my first album cover and first tour.”

The Walt Disney Company, LVMH, and AT&T, among others, as sponsors. 50th anniversary of hip-hop, and aimed to celebrate the Black creatives who are shaping the current fashion landscape with their unique work.

I am honored to call Brandice Daniel founder of Harlem Fashion Row, a friend first of all and a brilliant woman who assembled a great time to give people of color an opportunity in the fashion world and sectors and at the same time give them a seat at the table.

It was our 6th Show covering Harlem Fashion Row, Panels, VIP Events, Styling awards, High level Fashion events, and showcasing some of the biggest names in the world who are people of Color.

Dapper Don Legendary Fashion Designer and Icon in Harlem and the Fashion Industry said, it best that evening. If it was not for our people we would not be around, today. To See Harlem Fashion Row, Fashion Show, Style awards Show Red Carpet events and VIP Party in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Blogs by Clicking here.

Emerge Fashion Show Awards Presentation and VIP Party 2023: Emerge! A Fashion Runway Show is the top emerging designer collective during New York Fashion Week and is a catalyst for providing a platform and a strong backdrop for emerging designers.

Top emerging designers from across the globe participate in the highly anticipated show each year during February and September fashion week in an effort to connect up-and-coming designers with potential buyers and fashion industry power players.

This spectacular event discovers designers from across the world and provides them with a lifetime opportunity. Emerge! is one of the most anticipated shows during the season and is produced by D. Williams Public Relations Group.

Emerge! ensures that the best and brightest designers who are still fighting to get their foot in the door have a fair shot at getting their collection showcased.

“I created EMERGE! 12 years ago to provide a national and global runway for talented designers everywhere,” states EMERGE! Creator and Producer Dionne Williams, of D. Williams Public Relations Group. “It’s my mission for EMERGE! to be a catalyst and resource for designers.”

Amid the glitz and glam of the high-energy production, this year’s EMERGE! Fashion Runway Show will also present the Fashion Trailblazer Award to two fashion industry leaders. Legendary Designer & Urban Fashion Pioneer April Walker of Walker Wear, Luxury Women’s Wear Designer Sergio Hudson and the legendary Dapper Dan.

This coveted honor recognizes the trailblazing work, creativity and contributions of a leading designer in the industry positively laying the pathway for upcoming designers & creatives.

We at World Liberty TV, have been covering Emerge Fashion Week for close to 7 years, it’s a great show all put together by EMERGE! Creator and Producer Dionne Williams, of D. Williams Public Relations Group and her team.

To see Emerge Fashion Show 2023, Awards Presentation and VIP Party in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels by clicking here.

Hi-Tech Moda Fashion Shows-2023 : The Event featured top emerging and established designers and boutiques from around the world, showcasing a unique blend of hi-tech and sustainable fashion. The day will be filled with various shows from designers like Kat Couture, Nita Belle’s Closet, Archie Brown, Elizabeth Cordela, and Eiffel Bleu, among others.

In addition to the fashion shows, there was a special presentation by Indigenous Designers: Ally’s Ribbons by Alyssia Sutherland and VIVIDUS RUNWAY by Tierra alyssia. This event is not just about fashion, it’s about celebrating diversity and creativity. Said its founder and Executive Producer Hi-Tech Moda, Ms. Pamela Privette.

World Liberty TV, Fashion Team has been covering Hi-Tech Moda Fashion Shows for the past 4 years. Click here to See Hi-Tech Moda Fashion Show Coverage, in our World Liberty TV Fashion Blogs.

Small Boutique Fashion Week Show -2023: The industry’s most powerful event for indie brands voted by CBS & will be celebrating Season #22 of Small Boutique Fashion Week in the biggest way possible.

Small Boutique Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week will take place Saturday September 10th & will feature over 50+ brands debuting their collections during our award winning fashion shows and vendor market.

SBFW Was Created in 2012 to Provide Emerging Designers with an Upscale Platform to display their work…

Hosting over 3000+ fashion brands over the past 10 years and 15 states, Small Boutique Fashion Week has been providing a safe space for indie design community for almost a decade. SBFW has been featured in notable publications such as Fox Business Network, Forbes & Upscale Magazine and has been listed as the number fashion event for indie brands votes by CBS.

Many of our participants have gone on to style celebrities, sell to boutiques and stores and even compete on Project Runway.

World Liberty TV, Fashion Team has been covering the Small Boutique Fashion Week for the past 8 years.

To learn more about more about Small Boutique Fashion Week and its shows taking place throughout the world, To See Small Boutique Fashion Show 2023, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels click here.

To See Exclusive Coverage of New York Fashion Week 2023, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels, Blogs and Who is Who? of the Fashion World by clicking here.





Frank Garcia Chairman of Hispanic Groups welcome’s Colombian & South American Business & Advocacy Groups in NYC-2023

By:Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr. Abbey ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV Hispanic business groups from New York City are welcoming Colombian business and advocacy groups that will meet with elected officials and trade groups. To promote economic empowerment in south America while helping to mitigate the recent unexpected migration crisis in the City of...
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NY Now Summer Show & World Liberty TV’S Best Product list for -2023

By: Lidia Evita, Staff Writer for World Liberty TV NY NOW, the premier wholesale event in NYC, is set to make its grand return from August 13–16 this summer at The Javits Center. This highly anticipated multi-day event promises a larger-than-ever experience, providing brands with unparalleled opportunities to connect with buyers and supercharge their businesses....
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41st Dominican Day Parade 6th Ave NYC-2023

BY: Adal Hussain, Chief  Editor for World Liberty TV , Sunday August 13th 2023

The annual NYC Dominican Day parade for the Dominican Republic.  The parade was on Sixth Avenue (AKA “Avenue of the Americas”, which no New Yorker calls it, but is appropriate for today).  The parade was from 1pm to 5pm and started at 36th Street and went, I believe, to 62nd Street (that’s right next to Central Park).

I knew it would be big, but I’ve been to big parades:  Puerto Rican Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s, among others.

I figured this would be well attended.  It was more than “well attended”.  It seems that everyone who even knows someone in the Dominican Republic was there.  Huge crowds.

I was at Bryant Park, the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue.  There’s an elevated part and I managed to get to the top of the stairs, about 3 feet higher than the crowd in front of me.

Overall, the crowd in front of me was 6 or 7 people deep.  That’s the deepest I’ve seen any parade except Thanksgiving (which is a special case).

Yes, that’s a snake around his neck.  We parted like the Red Sea.  He was one of three guys with snakes around his neck walking through the crowd (you can see another of them right behind him).  After the parade, I saw two more.

Anyway, the parade started at 1pm and the crowd, which was already pretty wound up, cranked the noise level to 11.

The parade featured a number of different participants, but the radio stations seemed to be the all-out favorites.  The crowd wanted loud, loud music; and the politicians really didn’t provide it.

There were a few new sights at this parade.  There were groups of what I can only describe as “colorful characters”.  I’m sure they are symbolic of some folk traditions, but I don’t know what they might be.

Some of them had horns (really long horns) and some had devilish masks, and some just had bullwhips.  Yep, bullwhips.  That’s a new one on me.

At one point, about 20 characters came out cracking their whips and the crowd loved it.  Me, too.  Then there was a small group of others and then a group of kids with bullwhips.  They were really into it, but they just couldn’t crack the whips like their elders.

 The Dominican Day Parade is much more than a parade. Throughout the year, we hold various events including workshops, scholarships, food drives, the annual gala, and parade kick-off events in all five boroughs.

The mission of the Dominican Day Parade of New York City is to celebrate the richness of the Dominican culture, folklore, and popular traditions.

The Parade highlights promote and acknowledge the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in the United States and throughout the world.

The Dominican Day Parade, Inc. is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, that organizes the annual parade and festivities that promote the richness of the culture, folklore and popular traditions of the Dominican Republic.

The organization strives to provide an understanding of the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in the United States of America and throughout the world.

The parade is a tradition beloved by the Dominican community, but it is only the tip of the iceberg for our organization! For us, the Dominican Day Parade is much more than a parade.

Throughout the year, we hold various events including food drives, the annual gala, and parade kick-off events in all five boroughs.

Understanding the value of education, the Dominican Day Parade takes great pride in providing scholarships and mentor opportunities to exceptional students of Dominican descent.

Through the funds raised from our annual gala, we granted $200,000 in scholarships in 2019 to support awardees through college and post graduate institutions.

Helping these promising young people continue to excel in their future ventures allows us to achieve our primary goal: to support and celebrate the Dominican community!

President Luis Abinader , The Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader was in attendance and was recognized as the Grand Marshal. Other Diginatries in attendance and marching in the parade included: Governor Kathy Hochul, Senator Chuck Schumer, New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Mayor Eric Adams, New York City Public Advocate, Jumaane D. Williams, Congress member, Adriano Espaillat, Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, New York Police Department’s Commissioner, Edward Caban and many more political leaders, labor leaders and community in attendance.

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The 41st. Annual National Dominican Day Parade NYC -2023

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor for World Liberty TV,   Sunday August 13th 2023 The annual NYC Dominican Day parade for the Dominican Republic.  The parade was on Sixth Avenue (AKA “Avenue of the Americas”, which no New Yorker calls it, but is appropriate for today).  The parade was from 1pm to 5pm and started at...
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40th Ecuadorian Parade in Jackson Heights, Queens NY -2023

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor for World Liberty TV,  Sunday August 6th 2023 The 40th Ecuadorian Parade NYC 2023 marches on Northern Blvd from 69th St to 89th St in Jackson Heights, Queens; on Sunday, August 6, 2023 from 12-3pm. The Ecuadorian Parade kicks off at 68th Street and Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights and...
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