Wing Wang – Designs by Wang Hao – Beijing, China Fashion Show 2013

The brand 16:9 WingWang was created after my graduation, it represents the mode of my understanding of fashion design. Wing Wang is my name, 16:9 is a scale, I attach much attention to the scale of the clothing, and once made several modifications to a same cloth, the scale is the most important factor is clothing, and it is also a balance. Clothing can be full of design, it can also be market-oriented, but the control of the scale is essential and cannot be neglected, it needs accuracy like gold split point.

The brand designs its clothing with the focus on the needs of the modern women who are pursuing an artistic lifestyle, maximize favorable factors and minimize unfavorable ones, with wearing feeling as its premise, so it does not focus on the same age group, on the design trend, there will be no exaggerations on design, but there will be some daring design elements, both simple and popular, give the wearer plenty of freedom with the feeling of space and ideal, it will also be able to adapt to the needs of different occasions, take into account the various levels and roles, show unique personal taste and the ideal creative elements, it can be described as the combination of dynamics and statics, of hardness and softness.

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