Barge Ramos Couture Designs from The Philippines – 2012

Filipino fashion designer Barge Ramos recently held a fashion show at the posh Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York as part of the New York Couture Fashion Week.

The fashion show, billed “Island Treasures at the Waldorf,” also featured the creations of up-and-coming San Francisco-based Filipino designer Joseph Domingo.

Ramos presented unique and colorful pieces featuring traditional Filipino styles with a twist, using Philippine natural weaves such as the abel Iloco, the tepiña of Puerto Princesa, Palawan and the famous ikat weave popularized by Narda Capuyan, who was also at the event.

The jewelry and accessories creations of Arnel Papa were likewise featured as an integral part of Ramos’s collection.

Domingo, on the other hand, presented his latest collection combining cleanly executed semi-formal wear mixed with evening pieces also with Filipiniana elements.

The fashion show was preceded by a performance of a Philippine tribal dance from the Cordillera region.

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