New York Fashion Week Shows Sept – 2022

By: Lidia Evita, Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

It was a great pleasure to be back out and covering fashion events, alongside World Liberty TV’s Fashion team. We have been covering NYFW for close to 19 years, showcasing hundreds of designers, models, and many more people from the fashion world, from all over the world.

Dr Abbey with O.P.R. Eyewear’s Co-founder and CEO Idriss Nestor & Federica Scala Co-Founder

We have covered some of the biggest names in our World Liberty TV, which includes, Oscar De la renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Karl Kani, Andre Talley, Annie Wintour, B.Smith Super Model , Noami Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Many Miss Universe’s, Miss America, World Renowned Designer Diane Von Furstenberg, fashion-icon-iris-apfel, designer-dennis-basso, Steven Kolb CEO CFDA, World Renowned Stylist Patricia Fields, Tyson Beckford Supermodel, Roberto Cavalli Designer, Designer Michael Kors, Designer Donna Karan, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Queen and many many more. You can view more by clicking here.

Dr Abbey with Hetal Patel Co Founder SANYFW

What makes us unique is that we cover not only the high elite group of fashion people. As we showcase, upcoming emerging designers, Models, fashion people who are making a name for themselves. Also we showcase many people with disabilities, no arms, no legs, bound to a wheel chair.

NYFW 2022

Such person we covered was a young girl who came from Australia named Marilyn Stuart, who had the Down Syndrome, she modeled and World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel was one of the first online media to showcase here modeling. See more by clicking here

Dr Abbey with Miss Universe NY and Miss Philippines Intl 2022

We have also showcased many LGBTQ+ people involved in the fashion business, people of color from all walks of life who are in some way involved in the fashion business. Click here to see our World Liberty TV, LGBTQ+ by clicking here.

Dr Abbey at 3 World Trade Ctr NFT art on Display

New York Fashion Week, September 2022, was a very busy fashion week for me and my team, we worked very hard covered close to 100 shows, more than ever before. We enjoyed it very much, we felt it was catch up time, since the last two years we did not attend any shows in person, a lot of them were virtual, which is not something we like to attend.

Dr Abbey with Ambassador Rosan Perkasa Roeslani

We like to be there in person, speak to people and be right there where the action is. With that said we all wear a mask at all times, with this pandemic picking up slowly but surely, we want to be safe and as you know you interact with hundreds to thousands of people. So the mask is only our savior at this time.

Dr Abbey at Indonesia Now Show

We met some very interesting people, this time around, I want to give a shout out to some of the fashion people we have been covering for many years, who invite us year in and year out to cover their events, without there kind invites, I believe we would not be as big as we are in the Online arena.

Dr Abbey with Miss Indonesia Universe

Small Boutique Fashion Show NYFW 2022:  901 Productions is proud to present the 19th season of our flagship event Small Boutique Fashion Week Runway Show and Market NYC. SBFW is the largest event geared toward independent fashion brands. Founded in 2012 SBFW has displayed the collections of some of fashion’s most powerful independent fashion labels.

Dr Abbey with Annabelle Azadé TV Correspondent

Over 1000+ brands, have been featured at this highly anticipated event and Small Boutique Fashion Week has been featured in many notable publications.

Runway 7 NYFW 2022: Recognized as the first vertical platform of its kind, Runway 7 Fashion is the premiere one stop New York Fashion Week Event with the capability of offering its designers production to develop their collection samples to showcase the latest fashion trends headlined at #NYFW.

Dr Abbey with Andrea From Andrea’s Beauty Lab

We strive for excellence in presenting the season’s must-see shows, performances and installations. Our expansive style marketplace includes guests from fashion to art, design and music.

Our hybrid platform represents the best in cultural diversity by integrating international designers, media, celebrities and commerce every season.

Dr Abbey with Muhammad Sadad Founder of ERIGO X and his General MGR

Hi Tech Moda NYFW 2022: Designing Opportunities Since 2018 : Award-winning hiTechMODA combines traditional fashion shows with the latest innovations and the new “thinking of fashion”.  We are a cutting-edge runway production company. Every season, hiTechMODA focuses on featuring established, emerging, and Indie fashion designers and identifying current marketing trends plus aligning with new thought leaders who are committed to transforming the way industry operates today.

After the disruption in the supply chain, brick and mortar stores closing, how designers are able to reach their audience has radically changed.

Dr Abbey with New Friends Amy Brown & Daughter

There are opportunities in disruption, you have to be able to pivot quickly. We believe the future of Fashion is new technology, sustainable, and available to anyone,

Oxford Fashion Studio NYFW 2022: Carl and Tiffany lead the studio bringing 25+ years of combined creative practice across shoots, shows and campaigns. Our story began in Oxford in 2009 with an experiment in colliding the heritage and history of the dreaming spires with the culture challenging concepts emerging from the world’s leading fashion institutions.

More than ten years later, with London as our home, we have now helped 700+ designers from 70+ countries to launch collections and campaigns across New York, London, Paris and Milan.

Dr Abbey with Nicole Doswell founder of Models of Color Matter

Tiffany Smith Fashion Show 2022: See wonderful fashion designs by Tiffany Smith from Atlanta at the Rolls Royce Showroom, New York City. During New York Fashion Week 2022.

Electric Feel by Creativo NYFW 2022: Electric Feel lit up The DL in New York City during New York Fashion Week with over 400 attendees enjoying the chandelier-lit rooftop lounge showcasing Spring 2023 collections with a live model presentation paired with their digital twins available for immediate purchase and virtual try-on using cutting-edge augmented reality experiences. Headed by Sasha Bernier and Crissy Cananea.

Dr Abbey with Pamela Privette Founder of Hi Tech Moda

The Nolcha Shows: The Nolcha Shows is a collection of leading award-winning experiential events. Over the past 14 years, The Nolcha Shows have become a discovery platform, promoting cutting-edge, innovative brands, connecting & building communities across the dynamic industries of lifestyle fashion and tech-driven web3. The curated event series is held during New York Fashion Week, NFT.NYC, Consensus, Art Basel, and BTC Miami.

Also check out some of the vendors we showcased in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels and Blogs during New York Fashion Week 2022.

Dr Abbey with Sasha Bernier Org of Electric Feel Show with a guest

OPR EYEWEAR: There is eyewear. Then there is OPR Italian Artisanal Eyewear.

OPR Eyewear is for lovers of beautiful eyewear who are looking for authentic Italian craftsmanship at a reasonable price. We’re dedicated to bringing you hand-crafted luxury eyewear that is Made in Italy by our Master Artisans.

Dr Abbey with Shaw Bernard President STRUT Models

Unlike highly marked-up, poor quality alternatives that are simply assembled in Italy or mass produced by the industry, OPR Eyewear offers true Italian hand-made eyewear, crafted with the finest quality raw materials, at a revolutionary price that is both sustainable and delivered with the utmost care.

We had the pleasure of interviewing, Co- founder and CEO Idriss Nestor and Federica Scala Co-Founder. We are very happy to say World Liberty TV, is only using OPR, Readers and Sunglasses and we can say freely, OPR Eyewear is the official eye wear for World Liberty TV’s team. To learn more about OPR EYEWEAR, click here.

Dr Abbey with Super star Actress From Indonesia Nagita Slavina

Zainab Ashadu Sustainable leather bags from Lagos Nigeria: Zashadu is a leading British/Nigerian sustainable luxury brand, that specializes in hand-crafted leather pieces. We work with local sustainably sourced leathers, farmed exotic skins and rough cut precious stones set in brass. All our pieces are created at our workspace in Lagos, Nigeria, by a team that benefits from traditional techniques passed down through generations by a community of local artisans. At Zashadu we love to explore the tension between quiet elegance and unabashed glamour. We avoid the use of superfluous fittings and fixtures in order to give precedence to the leathers. To learn and purchase click here.

Dr Abbey with Zainab Ashadu Founder Zashadu Bags

Andrea’s beauty Lab: is a place where woman empower woman but love to take care of men, as we see the beauty in all. Designing services, and products that are formulated first with caring and love quality and loyalty to our customers, this is a big focus of mine. To learn more and purchase Andrea’s Beauty Lab Products, Click here.

Entertainer Jane Morgan’s Gown Exhibit

I also want to give a shout out to Hetal Patel Co-Founder and  Chief Operating Officer ,South Asian New York Fashion Week (SANYFW), who debuted their fashion platform during NYFW 2022, look forward to seeing them grow and prosper, See Hetal Patel’s exclusive interview  in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Week 2022, by clicking here.

See many more fashion Shows, Models, designers, Celebrities, influencers, and much much more in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channels, Blogs and Who is Who? Of the fashion World.

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