Z Guards Customizable Smart Sleeve Debut at NY Yankee Stadium-2017

ZGuards, a sportswear performance company, has taken the compressive sports sleeve market to the next level with the introduction of the ZGuards SmartSleeve. This all-in-one sports sleeve, along with protecting the arm and stimulating muscles, is embedded with proprietary technology that allows users to scan the sleeve with their smartphone, tablet or watch for customizable online content. Along with its obvious benefits as a useful sports accessory, the SmartSleeve is also an innovative and engaging marketing tool as ZGuards is positioning the product as an effective way for brands to tell their story and engage their customers.

ZGuards demonstrated the SmartSleeve’s many benefits surrounded by New York Yankee greats including Rubén Sierra, at a product launch event at Yankee Stadium on July 25, 2017. Distinguished guests included original Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington along with a host of CEOs, CMOs and other marketing professionals intrigued by the product’s possibilities as a marketing tool.

The  Z Guards Marketing event took place at Yankee Stadium, Private suites ,where close to 100 guests were in attendance ,enjoying food and drinks and enjoying the Yankees play Cincinnati Reds and beat them 4-2  ,John Starks Former NY Knicks Player and Reuben Sierra Former Yankees player were in attendance to help promote the Zguards, other dignitaries included investors, friends and family members.

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