105th Annual National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail Big Show NY -2017

BY: Betina Crione Guest Writer for World Liberty TV

NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO earned the nickname “Retail’s BIG Show” years ago and because the name was so appropriate, it stuck. Today, Retail’s BIG Show is NRF’s flagship event held annually in New York City. The three day event offers unparalleled education, collegial networking with 35,000 of your newest friends, and an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions. Even after more than a century – 106 years to be exact – Retail’s BIG Show is still the only place where you can see and experience all things Retail.

Home Shopping Network CEO

Dr.Abbey with Mindy Grossman Chairwoman NRF

NRF’s 105th Annual Convention & EXPO was an amazing event. They had more than 33,000 attendees, hundreds of sessions, miles of EXPO, technologies to boggle the mind and so much more. We tried to capture the highlights and “must-see” moments right here for free.

Many Keynotes at NRF 2017

A record crowd of 33,500 attended NRF’s Annual Convention and Expo — Retail’s BIG Show — last month in New York City. Attendees heard from hundreds of industry experts and thought leaders from other industries, saw the latest technological innovations from nearly 600 exhibitors and donated $1.6 million to the NRF Foundation. The following is a compendium of highlights from Retail’s BIG Show.

Brother Robot Exhibiting at NRF 2017

Online and bricks-and-mortar retailing can no longer be viewed as separate “channels” through which goods and services flow to different customer groups.

The Retail Big Show 2017

Sir Charlie Mayfield, chairman of the U.K.’s John Lewis Partnership, noted that over the past holiday season half of Waitrose’s volume and 40 percent of John Lewis’ volume came from online sales. “The age of multi channel,” he said, “is over.”

When it comes to envisioning product in innovative ways, what first comes to mind might not be a chair “placed” in a room through augmented reality, or a sweater photographed once and then digitally combined with numerous models, accessories and other products to heighten personalization.

Thousands of People in attendance

Augmented commerce can also help increase sales. Shop Direct, the United Kingdom’s fourth-largest online retailer, allows consumers to “see” product in their homes to increase buying confidence. Nevo used a tablet to demonstrate the placement of a virtual chair on the speaker platform, moving it around and even changing the fabric.

World Liberty TV, Team has been covering The NRF for over 12 years and it seems to be getting and larger every year, we want to congratulate Mindy Grossman the new Chairwoman of NRF ,See interview of  Mindy Grossman  right here in World Liberty TV, By Clicking here.   Also see more about NRF in our World Liberty TV, Business Channel

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