2019 Winter Best Products to Buy

Reviews :  by World Liberty TV Team

Even H4 Glasses for your ears: Designed by musicians, audiologists, mastering engineers and music producers, EVEN headphones adapt music to the way you hear. Think of it as Glasses for your ears®.

The EVEN H4 features a sleek over-ear design, passive noise-canceling, Bluetooth 5.0, built-in microphone and 20+ hours of battery life. Available in Matte Black or Wood Grain Finish 30-day money-back guarantee One-year warranty.

Even H4 Wireless Headphones

EarPrint Technology: We all hear differently, and we hear differently in our left and right ears – just like we see differently than one another.

The EVEN H4 features a built-in, quick and easy EarPrint setup that learns and adapts music to fit your unique hearing profile, so you can hear every song as fresh as the first time, every time.

Since hearing is believing, try our patented hearing evaluation below and experience the EarPrint for yourself.

Free EVEN EarPrint Mobile App: With the App’s seamless integration, you can set your EarPrint, see how you hear different frequencies, plus store and manage multiple EarPrints. Available for iOS and Android.

Possibly one of the best headphones ever invented, very economically priced sound is so smooth you would not want to take them off.

To purchase Even H4 Glasses for your ears Headphones or learn more about them click here.

3dRudder The Foot Powered VR & Gaming Motion Controller

3dRudder The Foot Powered VR & Gaming Motion Controller:

The 1st ever foot controller for Virtual Reality & PC games. Also a  great accessibility controller. Winner of 4 CES “Innovation Awards” Order now and enjoy:

Your very own 3dRudder and its USB 2 cable

A smart dashboard with pre-configured modes (keyboard, joystick, …) + various games set-up

Compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller ,2-year warranty and Fast delivery and 15-day trial period.A groundbreaking foot-powered gaming, VR and 3D motion controller. Discover a new gaming experience. Move through your existing PC games and the new emerging VR worlds with your feet.

Surprisingly intuitive and natural, it only takes a few seconds to master. Your hands are now free to shoot, grab, pull, push… You’re more immersed, more engaged. The 3dRudder comes with its intuitive and simple software Dashboard that will let you shape your own experience and choose between its various modes (keyboard keys, mouse, 3- or 4-axes joystick…). Also a great accessibility device to play PC games, and Xbox games via the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

These are great for people who have Disabilities, or if you are an avid game player, very well priced and affordable.

To buy or learn more about  The 3dRudder The Foot Powered VR & Gaming Motion Controller, Click here.

U22 XT cosMik Set

U22 XT cosMik Set, Professional Studio Recording Bundle Pack: U22 XT cosMik Set is a powerful studio recording bundle, providing everything you need to make professional quality recordings with your PC or Mac. Consisting of our famous top selling U22 XT USB audio interface, the cosMik 10 condenser microphone and the powerful eXtra 10 monitoring headphones, this bundle was created to be the center of the home studio. With the professional quality condenser studio microphone and the included table stand, you are able to make high quality vocal recordings instantly. The monitoring of your sounds can be done with the included dynamic studio headphones and to get started right out of the box, the bundle comes with the Bitwig Studio 8-Track digital audio workstation software.

No matter if you are into podcasting, want to record your own vocals, create your own tracks or if you simply need a starting point for a professional quality music studio in your home: all this and much more can be handled with this exciting studio recording bundle. If you’re looking for a really powerful PC / Mac compatible bundle to get started right away, then the U22 XT cosMik Set was designed for you!

To buy or learn more about  The U22 XT cosMik Set, Professional Studio Recording Bundle Pack, Click here.

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