85th Annual New York Golden Gloves Finals at Madison Square Garden – New York, 2012

The top amateur boxers in the NYC metro area battled it out over two nights for the title of Golden Gloves Champ. This was a big year for a few male and female boxers as several Golden Gloves competitors are vying for spots on the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team at the 2012 Olympics in London. This was also a very sad year for the Golden Gloves after losing legendary Daily News cartoonist Bill Gallo and boxing historian Bert Sugar, both tremendous supporters of the Golden Gloves – both will be honored with a ten count each night at the Daily News Golden Gloves Finals.

New Yorkers from all walks of life – from firefighters and state workers, to teachers and students – have fought in tournament bouts throughout the five boroughs, Long Island and parts of upstate over the past 9 weeks to earn their spot in the ring at the 85th Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Tournament on Thursday, March 29th and Friday, March 30th at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. A total of 24 championship bouts will be held over the two days, featuring 48 male and female boxers.

The Daily News Golden Gloves was the launching pad for world champions Emile Griffith, Jose Torres, Floyd Patterson, Riddick Bowe, Mark Breland, Zab Judah, three time world women’s lightweight champ Alicia Ashley, and Melissa Salamone.

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