Accessories Review: Watches and Jewelry – 2013

The Following Accessories, Watches and Jewelry was reviewed for World Liberty TV Luxury Channel: Elementz Inc. DBA Koralia is a “mother/daughter” family run business founded in 2002. We are proud to bring you classic Grecian designs along with the latest, jet-set accessory trends. There are three collections to choose from. We are confident that when you carry our Koralia line in your store, your customers will be thrilled and sales will reflect the level of satisfaction. It has been proven time and time again that our product sells…consumers absolutely adore the uniqueness and beauty of our collections.

We produce stylish gifts including individual handbag hangers, keyfinders, shirts with your logo – or according to your wishes – even a symbol made of Swarovski crystals. Our clients include renowned hotels and restaurants as well as domestic and international enterprises.

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