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Argentina Six Designers Fashion Showcase at Lincoln Center’s NY Fashion Week -2011

Six Argentine designers were selected by New York’s fashion editors and stylists to debut their Spring 2012 collection. Among those included Cardon, Cora Groppo, Daniela Sartori, Desiderata, Mariana Dappiano and Min Agostini. Cardon‘s Jose Mutti kicked off the show with men and women’s clothing inspired by Argentine culture. Mutti’s classic style and quality of leather, textiles and silverwork reflect the authenticity of “Rioplatense” culture.

Cora Groppo‘s fascination with nature and morphology were incorporated into her designs. She is known for her expert tailoring, sharp shapes and on the quest for “the perfect fit.” Thus, a body-hugging collection of monochromatic hues was shown.

The newest designer on the scene, Daniela Sartori, debuted a simplicity-filled SS’12 line. Her well-tailored pieces for both men and women was made up of a mainly black, white and neutral palette. The white linen dress with oversized pocket detailing was almost reminiscent of Calvin Klein.

Desiderata designer Carolina Rosales presented a feminine and modern collection in various textures and patterns. My favorite of the six, Desiderata felt the most youthful, yet able to uphold a high level of sophistication. Models sported oversized, colorful flowers in their long, flowy locks – another touch to this Argentine designer.

Raul Penaranda Spring/Summer 2013 Women’s RTW Collection Fashion Show

An Instant Classic: Raul Peñaranda, inspired by the ancient Muses of Creation, to debut his Spring/Summer 2013 RTW Collection at New York’s Fashion Week.


Every designer has his muse. This season, designer Raul Peñaranda has drawn inspiration from the nine muses of creation. Like the muses, Peñaranda has focused his boundless energy and effervescent spirit into perfecting his artistic craft. This September Peñaranda will showcase a collection that brings these ancient muses into the modern world, encapsulating the essence of what is beautiful.


A stunning and exciting runway show designed to showcase the brilliance of the ancient muses in a collection that is classic yet new, delicate yet edgy, and couture yet wearable. In typical Penaranda style, this collection consists of unique and lavish fabrics such as silk chiffon, refined laces, delicate sequins, metallic brocade and metallic-coated tulle along with sheer illusions, hand-beaded technique, and luxurious embroidery appliqué. A true testament to creativity and beauty, this one is sure to be an instant classic.

Interview With Wayne Sheilds, Founder of Plitzs Fashion Marketing and Fashion Shows 2013

Wayne Shields, Founder & Chief Creative Director of PLITZS Fashion Marketing is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. Wayne has been in the event and fashion marketing business for over 18 years and has produced numerous fashion shows, modeling competitions and corporate and private networking events throughout New York City and the Caribbean.
His production and direction of fashion shows and events received high acclaim from international designers and brought emerging designers and models to the world of fashion and the general public. Mr. Shields has developed a worldwide fashion resource exchange network of Fashion Week production partners to enable the emerging designers and models to receive international brand exposure.
Our mission is to continue to maintain PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation” as the premier fashion event in New York City that offers designers an opportunity to broaden their fan base through multi-channel marketing and exposure to consumers, general public, retailers, buyers and the media.
PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation” offers a select few talented emerging designers and opportunity to affordably showcase their collections in a professionally produced presentation during the week of New York Fashion Week without breaking their annual budget.
World Liberty TV team was on hand at the W Hotel in New York to interview the man behind the runway, Wayne Shields. See many of the designers participate from around the world, showcasing their fashion designs here in New York, the fashion capital of the world.

Eliette By Eliette Lesuperbe – Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France in Caribbean – 2013

Eliette, operates her shop in Guadeloupe, serving as a showcase for “ELIETTE LESUPERBE” branding products to promote her expertise. The target customer is the one able to wear her creations from chic, ready to wear to Urban style.

Her brand has grown dramatically and has been very successful over the time. Eliette surfaced recently as one of the most prominent stylists/designers in the Caribbean islands and also begins to benefit from international recognition highlighting by her various participations in many local fashion show and prestigious events in the Caribbean, TV and radio appearances and more, such as “ Mondial de la Coiffure, ‘Style Week Jamaica’, recently the ethnic lab Fashion Weekend 2012 in Paris. An amazing collaboration with Hair Dresser/Ambassador of the brand Mizani for l’Oreal: Alexis Rosso and lastly a consecration as best designer in the 6th edition of the woman in gold (July 2012).

Visionary and futuristic French Guadeloupean Designer/stylist Eliette Lesuperbe, originally from Guadeloupe has more than 15 years of experience in the field of fashion. Passionate, she describes fashion as a way to live through creativity. A perfectionist at heart and follower of elegance, she always tries to excel. Eliette is in tune with the times and wants to carry out the objectives and path she has chosen: to create value to women.

Her main inspiration comes from the world around her, materials, and different cultures. Eliette defines her style as a mix of European fashion, Caribbean and African. Her creations are not meant to be categorized as Caribbean. She creates all kinds of clothes, from haute couture to everyday casual. She gives her imagination free rein. Eliette differs significantly from other designers by a boldness and creativity.

Torres Collection by Rulli Torres – 2013

Rulli Torres currently resides in Dallas, Texas. His design style is classy, elegant, and vintage. He pays close attention to detail and color. He has a unique style, which makes him stand out. Designer Rulli won first place two years in a row at his university’s fashion week. In 2011, he participated in Little Rock Fashion Week.
Rulli Torres worked under a Dallas couture designer, Del Bosque, when he moved to Dallas. After a few months of guidance he started working on his own collection. He registered his brand as Rulli Torres Clothing Company. Rulli Torres is an emerging designer and is excited to be a first time participant in the Plitzs New York Fashion Week Spring 2013.
Rulli Torres visited the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in 2011 and was inspired by the garments of all the major designers. When he arrived in Dallas, he started researching and forecasting colors and trends for Spring 2013. He decided to do a 60’s theme for his Plitzs New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 collection.
Two of his favorite designers who inspire him are Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent because their style accentuates the female’s body. He likes simple shapes and lines. He wants women to feel elegant, classy, and admired when they wear his garments.

Punk Rock Betty Designs By Nicole Mabalot & Michelle Cobble – Sarasota, Florida

Nikki Mabalot who would become to be known as Punk Rock Betty was born and raised in Newport News, VA. During her middle and high school years she found an outlet for her artistic view on life and began to create her own t-shirt designs and punk era clothing. After high school her desire to have a family became her focus in life. During this time she became proficient in the art of baking and gourmet candy making earning her the name Punk Rock Betty Crocker. After a stint of custom cakes and candy sales, a close friend commissioned Nikki to make a custom hand bag. With her love for design once again ignited, she quickly made a line of popular handbags that were sold in boutiques across Virginia and online bearing the name Punk Rock Betty.

Wanting to feed her need to design, it was a short and natural progression from hand bags to designing and making custom clothing. Her retro style designs started to gain her notoriety in her new home Sarasota Fl. As she became more popular in the fashion industry her design work continued to evolve encompassing everything from fetish wear and bikinis to cocktail dresses and elaborate evening gowns all possessing her unique edgy feel. Her work has been showcased in numerous online outlets, magazines and several successful self-produced fashion shows. Known for her versatility, her work is sought out by women and men of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. From a night out at a Gothic club to a chic downtown ballroom affair, there is a Punk Rock Betty design to fit every occasion. Her motto….If you wanna be a Badass, then dress like one!

Wolfon Wear by Robert Powell Designs – 2013

Robert Powell designer of Wolfon Wear was born in Madrid, Spain, raised in Midwest City, Oklahoma and now resides in Houston, Texas. Robert studied Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising at Houston Community College where he proudly received his AAS in Fashion Design and his AAS in Fashion Merchandising. In addition to being a designer, Robert served our country for 12 years in the United States Marine Corps.

Robert has been designing clothes for 15 years, getting his start with sewing historical Renaissance garments. His first major fashion show with his Wolfon Wear label was in April 2011 for Houston Fashion International Group (HFIG) Fashion Week. In addition, his designs were shown in both Austin Fashion Week (2011) and Dallas Fashion week.

Wolfon Wear was created for and inspired by women who want to look sexy and still look sophisticated. The line includes formal evening wear, casual separates, cocktail dresses and sophisticated pant suits for day and evening, all in a variety of vibrant colors and textures. Robert designs his clothing to bring out the best in women’s attributes. The designs range from size 0 to a size 12 and can be worn by virtually any body type.

Etiquette Vintage Design By Richard Eric Renteria – Arlington, Texas 2013

My name is Richard Eric Renteria and I am the founder and designer of Etiquette Vintage Design. I am a proud Texan currently living in Dallas. My line is described as vintage with a modern twist. I strive every day to change this world in a positive way with a needle and thread. I will always be grateful for my time at Texas Tech and the University of Texas at Austin. Over the course of two years we have worked with some amazing talent. We are currently featured in Playboy and Vogue Italia. We are proud to announce that we will be showing during Fashion Week New York 2013.

Wing Wang – Designs by Wang Hao – Beijing, China Fashion Show 2013

The brand 16:9 WingWang was created after my graduation, it represents the mode of my understanding of fashion design. Wing Wang is my name, 16:9 is a scale, I attach much attention to the scale of the clothing, and once made several modifications to a same cloth, the scale is the most important factor is clothing, and it is also a balance. Clothing can be full of design, it can also be market-oriented, but the control of the scale is essential and cannot be neglected, it needs accuracy like gold split point.

The brand designs its clothing with the focus on the needs of the modern women who are pursuing an artistic lifestyle, maximize favorable factors and minimize unfavorable ones, with wearing feeling as its premise, so it does not focus on the same age group, on the design trend, there will be no exaggerations on design, but there will be some daring design elements, both simple and popular, give the wearer plenty of freedom with the feeling of space and ideal, it will also be able to adapt to the needs of different occasions, take into account the various levels and roles, show unique personal taste and the ideal creative elements, it can be described as the combination of dynamics and statics, of hardness and softness.

Neodandi – Fall/Winter 2013 Line

From knee-length men’s trench coats made from reclaimed suit jackets, to women’s cotton dresses from white t-shirts, Neodandi House of Couture‘s creator, NiiLartey De Osu reuses materials to create new from old. De Osu describes his designs as never stable or permanent, but always changing, mimicking a river. “I see things transformed…what else is it, what else can it be. It becomes what it could be through recreation,” he said last night at his NYFW F/W 2013 Show.
De Osu’s runway show was as unique as the one-of-a-kind designs presented. Set in EN Japanese Brasserie, the large square dining room was transformed, with chairs lined up against the wall and around the room’s centerpiece of floral arrangements and natural twisted wood sculptures. Each viewer received a front-row seat to the non-traditional runway.

Ashton Michael F/W 2013 ‘Black Heart’ Collection at The Metropolitan Pavilion, NY

If you have watched the Super Bowl, VMA, AMA or any award show, red carpet or music video in the past 10 years you’ve most likely seen the work of fashion designer and stylist Ashton Hirota and his Ashton Michael Label.
Born and raised in Los Angeles Hirota made his debut on the fashion scene at the age of 19 when his first showing in LA Fashion Week resulted in being picked up by destination stores including Patricia Fields NYC, Fred Segal LA, and Volcan & Aphrodite in Tokyo. A decade later Hirota continues his progressive movement with his current company Ashton Michael. Offering exclusive capsule collections, wardrobe styling and custom one-of-a-kind pieces combined with artistic vision and a true understanding of fit and fabrication, Hirota creates clothing that is tailored for any and every personality and public image.
Featured on clients ranging from American Idol to icons of Hollywood and music, Hirota has designed custom pieces for celebrities as diverse as Will.i.am, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Alex Clare, Regina Spektor, and Pitbull just to name a few. Today in addition to designing and producing his own Ashton Michael Label, Hirota is sought out by top stylist and chart topping artists for his ability to create fashion forward pieces individualized for each client’s personality and public image with one of the industries quickest turnaround times available. Hirota is a strong believer that there is no gender in creative expression, just individuality.
Ashton Michael design headquarters and showroom is located in the heart of Hollywood, CA under the roof of “The House of Infinite Radness.” Available by appointment only to industry professionals, the showroom caters to those looking for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Purchases and rentals are available with full option to alter or customize any piece in house and one on one consultation is available with the designer himself.

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