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Designer Walid Attallah Fashion Event – New York, 2010

The international designer Walid Attallah was born under the skies of Lebanon. Inspired by the magnificence of fashion, he graduated from the University of Chicago in fashion design.

Walid Attallah started off his international journey after a couple of outstanding fashion shows in the city of Dubai, which were inaugurated by super stars. Soon after, he started his immaculate shows in Europe and Asia where he was awarded for his astonishing achievements. Being the fashion guru that he is, Walid Attalah did not settle for the norm, he created prêt-a-porter collection and was the first one to add diamonds to his collections.

Years after working with super stars and receiving international awards from royalties and dignitaries, Walid Attallah is surfing the world and adding his charm of every living women in the globe!

Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel Fashion Show – New York, 2012

Destined to be a fashion designer, four-year-old Stacy Igel outfitted her classmates and staged fashion shows in her pre-K classroom. After cutting her teeth with iconic mega-brands and personalities such as Izod, Elie Tahari, Zandra Rhodes and Elsa Klensch, Stacy Igel founded Boy Meets Girl®, an edgy yet wearable, stylish yet casually classic young contemporary brand.

Boy Meets Girl has been featured in publications like InStyle, Teen Vogue, Lucky, People, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, WWD and the New York Times. The brand has been appeared on the racks of countless specialty and department stores worldwide including Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Saks and Fred Segal. You’ve probably seen the brand on shows like Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Beverly Hills 90210 and New Girl, and on high-profile fashionistas like Eva Mendes, Rachel Bilson, Taylor Momsen, Anne Hathaway, Nina Dobrev, Rosario Dawson and Kristen Bell. The brand is the official staff uniform for the exclusive members-only club, The SoHo House.

Igel is currently Boy Meets Girl’s Creative Director. She is also the producer and host of Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel on Lockerz.com, where she is the site’s Chief Fashion Editor and Stylist. Igel has received several design awards and honors, and is a frequent lecturer and panelist on subjects including social media, branding and entrepreneurship in fashion. Igel has personally shopped and styled for celebrity clientele around the world and she continues to mentor young designers and advocate for charitable causes. She has teamed up with Bloomingdales and teen celebrity Sammi Hanratty to fight bullying in schools and has collaborated with Urban Outfitters and the Young Survival Coalition to fight breast cancer.
World Liberty TV was on hand to cover The Boy Meets Girl Fashion Show with live performances by Wyclef Jean, Grammy Award Winning Artist, as well as upcoming artists Cris Cab and Jarina De Marco.

Global Han Couture Designs From China – 2011

Many contemporary fashion designs incorporate such timeless Chinese elements as dragons, calligraphy, and Buddhas. But what can this rich and ancient culture offer in addition to those exotic elements? Can traditional oriental culture bring a new spirit to modern fashion?

China is comprised of many different ethnicities, but Han culture has been the most prevalent since ancient times. Han Couture consists of the clothing worn by ethnic Hans, as well as those whom they inspired, from thousands of years ago up until the end of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century. The defining characteristics of Han Couture are its unique collars and lapels; wide, flowing sleeves; and the use of a sash in place of buttons. The look is refined, reserved, and noble, rendered in the finest fabrics, often with exquisite embroidered details and other embellishments.

Clothing and accessories of Han Couture are inseparable from the semi-divine culture of China. The Buddhist and Daoist belief in maintaining harmony between Heaven and mankind was reflected in every aspect of society including clothing and style. Han Couture reached its peak in the Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties, with Chinese culture absorbing aspects from other regions and with different countries being highly influenced by Chinese culture. For example, today’s Japanese kimono and Korean hanbok still retain features of Tang Dynasty dress.

Marisu Miranda, Couture Designs from Spain – 2012

Marisu Miranda graduated with a BFA in Fashion Stylizing and Design from Barcelona, Spain. Coming from a highly creative family in the apparel industry, she opened her own business in Barcelona before moving to New York where she was head designer for companies such as Bugle Boy, Gitano, Network Ind., and others.

Marisu has taught Fashion Design at the International Academy of Design & Technology, Tampa, Florida, and conducts Fashion and Styling workshops out of her studio, Marisu Miranda Moda, in Tampa. She participates in the Orlando Fashion and Beauty Show and the Orlando Expo, and her designs have been featured in international fashion newspapers and magazines.

Marisu Miranda’s fashion designs have been nominated and won several international competitions.

Marisu also features her own haute line of Abaya and Kaftan. All are of original design made from only the finest fabrics from around the world.

Barge Ramos Couture Designs from The Philippines – 2012

Filipino fashion designer Barge Ramos recently held a fashion show at the posh Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York as part of the New York Couture Fashion Week.

The fashion show, billed “Island Treasures at the Waldorf,” also featured the creations of up-and-coming San Francisco-based Filipino designer Joseph Domingo.

Ramos presented unique and colorful pieces featuring traditional Filipino styles with a twist, using Philippine natural weaves such as the abel Iloco, the tepiña of Puerto Princesa, Palawan and the famous ikat weave popularized by Narda Capuyan, who was also at the event.

The jewelry and accessories creations of Arnel Papa were likewise featured as an integral part of Ramos’s collection.

Domingo, on the other hand, presented his latest collection combining cleanly executed semi-formal wear mixed with evening pieces also with Filipiniana elements.

The fashion show was preceded by a performance of a Philippine tribal dance from the Cordillera region.

Catalin Botezatu, Romanian Couture Designs – 2012

Mr. Botezatu’s latest couture collection is entitled “Tsarina” and is inspired by the elegance of Russian tsardom. The ensembles will be presented in a dramatic runway show directed by the designer. The stunning collection took two months to create, and the show takes over eight hours to prepare. The designs feature hand embroidery, heavy rich fabrics, and fine brocades as well as touches of mink and chinchilla, reminiscent of the opulence and exclusivity of the Russian imperial era. Sequins – applied using the latest technology – leather, feathers and Swarovski crystals add dimension to the designs. The color palette of red, gold, silver, black, grey and green is the foundation for these distinctive Botezatu creations.

The hair styling for the show will be done by the Laurent Tourette team following the latest trends from Paris haute couture, and makeup will be done by the Mirela Vescan team.

Catalin Botezatu’s distinctive couture collections have been presented worldwide and have been recognized with many international awards. He has been named “Designer of the Year” six years in a row by VIP Magazine (Romania), and has twice been presented with the “Award for Excellence in Fashion” by Fashion TV Romania, in addition to numerous other fashion awards around the world.

A prolific and energetic fashion icon, Catalin Botezatu has done runway shows all over the globe including Rome, Athens, Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, Cannes, Moscow, Turkey, Budapest, Ibiza, Malta, Sun City (South Africa), Windock (Namibia), as well as New York, and his fashion accomplishments have been featured in prominent publications and media worldwide, including Der Stern, Book Moda, Vogue U.K., Financial Times, EuroNews, Deutsche Welle, VIP Moda, Modastyle International, World Fashion TV, and Italian television networks RAI, TG3 and Italia Piu. Most of his fashion shows are broadcast by Fashion TV. He is also a famous television personality in his native Romania, appearing on The Bachelor and as host of Romania’s Next Top Model.

Fashion Night Review – 2011

New York Fashion Week has come and gone. We survived! Fashion month is over, and that means we’re hunting for trends. Remember New York fashion week, way back when? Brocade was everywhere.

Legendary designer Byron Lars took a trip downtown to the Native American museum to find inspiration for his latest collection aptly titled, ‘Native Americana.’ The resulting presentation mixed classic American silhouettes with indigenous elements like multicolored bead necklaces, feather flecked hats, and tribal eye makeup.

For Fall 2011 dress aficionado Nicole Miller took a departure from her usual fair with menswear inspired elements like black techno jersey trousers and digital print lightweight wool coats. Wide legged and slim cut pants were fashioned in gray scale with flashes of cranberry and cerulean blue; dresses were revamped with geometric details in pale blue and white.

Nedret Taciroglu Turkish Fashion Designs 2011

The inspiration for her Nedret Taciroglu’s latest collection is the highly esteemed and important “Sultans’ Signatures.” The Sultans’ Signatures were not created by the Sultans themselves, but by calligraphers during the Ottoman Empire. Each one is distinctive and reflects the ruler’s power through intricate designs featuring both letters and patterns. In order to introduce the Sultans’ Signatures to the world, Mrs. Taciroglu blended history with modernism over a period of five months to produce a 30-piece collection. She used the signatures of Mehmet the Conqueror and Suleyman the Magnificent, among others. The designs also feature Swarovski crystals, chiffon and draping as well as the use of red and beige emphasizing the glory of the Ottomans.

Ms. Taciroglu’s creations are reminiscent of clothes worn during the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for 600 years and acted as an important geographical, cultural, political and social bridge between the East and the West. Her collections reflect the historical heritage left by the Ottoman Empire to modern day Turkey.

Argentina Six Designers Fashion Showcase at Lincoln Center’s NY Fashion Week -2011

Six Argentine designers were selected by New York’s fashion editors and stylists to debut their Spring 2012 collection. Among those included Cardon, Cora Groppo, Daniela Sartori, Desiderata, Mariana Dappiano and Min Agostini. Cardon‘s Jose Mutti kicked off the show with men and women’s clothing inspired by Argentine culture. Mutti’s classic style and quality of leather, textiles and silverwork reflect the authenticity of “Rioplatense” culture.

Cora Groppo‘s fascination with nature and morphology were incorporated into her designs. She is known for her expert tailoring, sharp shapes and on the quest for “the perfect fit.” Thus, a body-hugging collection of monochromatic hues was shown.

The newest designer on the scene, Daniela Sartori, debuted a simplicity-filled SS’12 line. Her well-tailored pieces for both men and women was made up of a mainly black, white and neutral palette. The white linen dress with oversized pocket detailing was almost reminiscent of Calvin Klein.

Desiderata designer Carolina Rosales presented a feminine and modern collection in various textures and patterns. My favorite of the six, Desiderata felt the most youthful, yet able to uphold a high level of sophistication. Models sported oversized, colorful flowers in their long, flowy locks – another touch to this Argentine designer.

Raul Penaranda Spring/Summer 2013 Women’s RTW Collection Fashion Show

An Instant Classic: Raul Peñaranda, inspired by the ancient Muses of Creation, to debut his Spring/Summer 2013 RTW Collection at New York’s Fashion Week.


Every designer has his muse. This season, designer Raul Peñaranda has drawn inspiration from the nine muses of creation. Like the muses, Peñaranda has focused his boundless energy and effervescent spirit into perfecting his artistic craft. This September Peñaranda will showcase a collection that brings these ancient muses into the modern world, encapsulating the essence of what is beautiful.


A stunning and exciting runway show designed to showcase the brilliance of the ancient muses in a collection that is classic yet new, delicate yet edgy, and couture yet wearable. In typical Penaranda style, this collection consists of unique and lavish fabrics such as silk chiffon, refined laces, delicate sequins, metallic brocade and metallic-coated tulle along with sheer illusions, hand-beaded technique, and luxurious embroidery appliqué. A true testament to creativity and beauty, this one is sure to be an instant classic.

Interview With Wayne Sheilds, Founder of Plitzs Fashion Marketing and Fashion Shows 2013

Wayne Shields, Founder & Chief Creative Director of PLITZS Fashion Marketing is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. Wayne has been in the event and fashion marketing business for over 18 years and has produced numerous fashion shows, modeling competitions and corporate and private networking events throughout New York City and the Caribbean.
His production and direction of fashion shows and events received high acclaim from international designers and brought emerging designers and models to the world of fashion and the general public. Mr. Shields has developed a worldwide fashion resource exchange network of Fashion Week production partners to enable the emerging designers and models to receive international brand exposure.
Our mission is to continue to maintain PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation” as the premier fashion event in New York City that offers designers an opportunity to broaden their fan base through multi-channel marketing and exposure to consumers, general public, retailers, buyers and the media.
PLITZS New York City Fashion Week “Designer Showcase Presentation” offers a select few talented emerging designers and opportunity to affordably showcase their collections in a professionally produced presentation during the week of New York Fashion Week without breaking their annual budget.
World Liberty TV team was on hand at the W Hotel in New York to interview the man behind the runway, Wayne Shields. See many of the designers participate from around the world, showcasing their fashion designs here in New York, the fashion capital of the world.

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