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Catalin Botezatu World Renowned designer from Romania, debuts The “Bird” Collection at the Couture Show – 2013

Catalin Botezatu Romanian designer, presented the Birds Collection at the NY Couture Fashion Week 2013, a theme created as a follow-up of his last fashion show, Domina, in which an extraordinarily independent woman could use at her discretion the body and especially the mind of men locked in an iron cage, a silver one this time, as a luxury refuge for the woman, except that the woman can fly away from that cage, because she’s independent. And she has wings.
A woman such as the one from BIRDS Collection has certainly never been before: she’s beautiful, rare spectacular and mysterious. She comes and goes at her whim, she’s a night bird that goes at her whim, and she’s a night bird that goes to glamorous parties, on red carpets and on Luxury Cruises. She’s wrapped in airy laces and sophisticated feathers. She has an eccentric haircut and a makeup that makes her feel comfortable, but in the same time unrecognizable.
The Collection proposes evening dresses, long, well balanced, tightly fitted in the front, where the skin is covered by rich fabrics , while the back is very low cut, with supple trains which elongate the figure and give elegance to the” bird woman”.
The fabrics used for this collection are varied and precious: silk, velvet, silk viole, filigree embroidery, handmade applications, French lace finished en mille points, with feathers and fur. Black is the common denominator of all these fabrics, the overlapping of the textures ton sur ton being extremely elegant and specific to all outfits signed by Catalin Botezatu. The refined black is made more evident with glittering silver details we are already talking about a combination much sought-after in 2013-1014.
The shoes, especially designed for Birds Collection, are spectacularly accessorized with feathers, brilliant and very high-heeled .The leather gloves range from long and medium to mitaines and they are also personalized with delicate feathers. The entire collection has been created with the sole purpose of attracting admiring glances.
Women will wish to look like the Birds Woman and men will want to be as near as possible to the Birds Woman.

Amal Sarieddine Shows her Signature Opulent Designs at Couture Fashion Week New York 2013

Award-winning Middle Eastern fashion designer Amal Sarieddine made her third appearance at Couture Fashion Week in New York City.
Amal Sarieddine is a young Lebanese fashion designer following in the footsteps of her mother, acclaimed designer Nawal Sarieddine, who established her own prominent design house some forty years ago. After earning her degree in fashion and interior design from the Lebanese American University, Amal launched her own collection in Beirut in 2004, a city synonymous with luxury couture style and home to such fashion icons as Elie Saab, Georges Chakra and Georges Hobeika. Amal’s designs were immediately applauded and sought out by the cream of Middle Eastern society including many celebrities and the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Her clientele also includes prominent socialites and celebrities from Europe and the United States.

A talented designer known for her lavish and opulent evening and bridal gowns, Amal Sarieddine has presented her collections in the Middle East, Paris and Hollywood. Her debut at Couture Fashion Week New York in 2009 with a stunning collection entitled “Eve”, was warmly received. Her designs have been featured in such prominent fashion publications as Collezioni Haute Couture, ModaStyle International and Book Moda.

Safilo Group, Glasses fashion Show at The Vision Expo at New York Javits Center – New York, 2013

Safilo’s brand portfolio consists of Safilo Brands and licensed brands, selected on the basis of competitive positioning and international prestige, which guarantee the Group world leadership in the high-end market. 

A creative team of more than 150 designers allows the Group to put more than 3,000 new models a year on the market; production and distribution are organized to guarantee respect for the particular style characteristics and positioning of every licensed brand. 

Safilo Brands are strategically important in reaching the Group’s development targets in the middle/high-end market of the “fashion” and “casual-sports” segments in every category of products (optical frames, sunglasses, and sports products such as, for example, ski goggles and helmets and technical glasses for many sports).

 The Group follows a policy which aims at having a brand portfolio which is diversified in terms of geographical positioning, age, gender, and income bracket target, and needs of the end customer.

2012 Couture Fashion Week Designers Showcase

1.      Andres Aquino Couture Collection 2012

2.      Sushma Patel, USA/Indian Designs, Spring 2013 Collection

3.      Robert Flores,  Male Couture Designs from Dominican Republic 2012 

Nos  Designer  Robert Flores

4.      Diani Mota, Couture  Fashion Line 2012



5.      Wendy Luzon Spring 2013 Collection Fashion Show

2012 Indian Couture Fashion Week Designers


1. Indian Designs by Pure Elegance, Parna Ghose 2012

2. Sumbil’s Collection, from Pakistan/USA by Designer Sumbul Rizvi 2012

3. Citrolina Designs By Designer Citra Gala NY 2012

4. Juhi Jagiasi, Indian Couture Designs for Male and Female 2012

5. Shekhar Rehate Indian Couture Designs 2012

Plitzs Fashion Shows, New York 2013

1 Alfredo Leija By Alfredo Leija – Brooklyn, New York 2013

2 AP for Women By Ashley Pecolia – Randallstown, Maryland (2013)

3 Samantha Plasencia By Samantha Plasencia – San Antonio, Texas

4 Samina Mughal Couture Designs at Plitzs Fashion Week 2013

Charisma by Ritu Boorgu, Indian Couture Designs – 2012

Designer Ritu Boorgu presented her latest collection for her Charisma label on the runway at Couture Fashion Week in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. The event will be part of the “Jewel of India” collective fashion show.

Charisma is the couture brand launched by Ritu Boorgu who draws her inspiration from the rich heritage of India and the ancient traditions of Indian craftmanship. Ms. Boorgu strives to bring her clients on a journey into a charismatic and ravishing collection of exclusive designer wear; a seamless mix of the elegant and flamboyant, the modern and the traditional in a range of flawlessly tailored ensembles.

The upscale chic Charisma boutique located in one of Chicago’s most affluent suburbs, carries one-of-a-kind designs crafted with perfection and precision. Starting out with a mere handful of private shows and events, Charisma now caters to clients all over the USA. The signature collections at Charisma feature distinctive styles and silhouettes rendered in vibrant color palettes, rich fabrics, intricate embellishments and detailed embroideries. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted and detailed on fabrics such as brocades, silks, silk chiffons, georgettes, satins and many more, customized to fit the client’s need.

Charisma designs have been showcased at various ethnic bridal shows and events and featured in major fashion publications across the USA. Ms. Boorgu’s distinctive couture collection was presented at Latino Fashion Week in Chicago in 2011, where for the first time, an Indian designer was asked to showcase their collection. The collection “Timeless” was very well received by the Latino community for its glamorous and colorful appeal.

Arthlene Legair Couture Designer from Dominica/USA – 2012

Prolific and award-winning fashion designer Arthlene Legair presented her latest collection on the runway at the next Couture Fashion Week in New York 2012.

Arthlene Laudat Legair, designer and CEO of LeGair Brand Ltd. of Columbus, Ohio, is a native of the Caribbean island of Dominica. She is a talented seamstress, stylist and the wardrobe designer for Awalkonwater Entertainment LLC; her design is on the cover and also featured in the movie The Best Supporting Daddy. Ms. Legair’s designs reflect her international background and include formal, couture, and business attire for teens and adults. She also creates her own unique accessories.

Ms. Legair’s designs have been featured in numerous fashion shows, publications and events including the C.O. tour of Columbus, Miss Black Ohio, Hair Meets Fashion, International Fellowship Women’s Conference, I Wear African, Unveiled Dreams, ABEC’S Small Business Review, The Conscious Voice magazine, Channel 10 News, Girlfriends’ Talk magazine, Sparks magazine (UK), 614 magazine, at MIT University in Boston, and many more.

NADA/IHS Automotive Forum – 2012

Hosted by the New York International Auto Show, this one-day event brings together leaders from OEMs, suppliers, retailers, and the media to discuss how industry and economic conditions will shape the future.

The Goal of the Forum

The Forum Partners will go beyond the headlines and explore how recent developments will impact all aspects of the auto industry. The Forum will offer a mixture of keynote addresses and panels to explore from several perspectives how the events of the past will influence the future. Most importantly, we want our participants to have the ability to ask challenging questions during the panel discussions.

Interview with Lou Giordano, Chairman of (GNYADA) and Organizer of the NY Auto Show – 2012

Lou Giordano is the owner of the largest Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealership in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties. Lou entered the auto business in the late 1970s as the owner of a transmission franchise and auto repair shop and a decade later he became a used automobile wholesale dealer. He became a franchised dealer in 1991 when he opened a Dodge store in Croton. He later acquired a Chevy and Jeep franchise. Last year, he swapped his Chevy brand for Chrysler and consolidated it with Dodge and Jeep at a new facility at 1 Municipal Place in Croton-on-Hudson.

An active GNYADA member, Lou has been on the executive committee since 2004, is chairman of GNYADA’s important Government Relations Committee and has served as a member of the Public Relations, Dealer Services, and Autocap Committees. He has been Vice Chairman since 2004-5. Louis became GNYADA chairman in June 2010.

Perched on a hillside overlooking the Hudson River, Croton Auto Park is the perfect location to display his Jeep models some of which are parked on a rock escarpment at the rear of his facility. Like his dealership’s location, Lou has an impressive view of the industry and the community in which he serves.

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