Book Reviews from BEA -2014

The Following Books were Reviewed From The Book Expo of America (BEA) -2014:

Dr. Ruth Talks about Grandparents: Advice for Kids on Making the Most of a Special Relationship
The unique book helps children to strengthen their relationship with their grandparents, whether near or far, in intact families or in those affected by divorce. Dr. Ruth provides a heartfelt tribute to the many ways that grandparents can enrich their grandchildren’s lives and offers clever suggestions for children on how to help and show appreciation for their elders. For children whose grandparents have died, Dr. Ruth offers guidance on building relationships with older mentors.
Lovingly illustrated with over twenty drawings showing how the young and old can participate in one another’s lives, this book is a treasure trove of advice on fostering communication between the generations, and on creating strong family bonds.

Author: Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Published by: Madison Books
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The Royal Speeches of his Majesty: Sultan Qaboos bin Said
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos was born in Salalah, the most southerly city of the state then known as Muscat and Oman, on 18th November 1940. He was the only son of the late Sultan Said bin Taimur and the eighth direct descendant of the royal Al Busaidi line founded in 1744 by Imam Ahmad bin Said. Sultan Qaboos spent his childhood in Salalah. When he reached the age of 16, his father sent him to a private school in England, and in 1960 he entered The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as an officer cadet.
This book documents all of Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s speeches he recited to the people of Oman from 1970-2010.
Author: Sultan Qaboos bin Said
Published by: Ministry of Information Sultanate of Oman

The Most Dangerous Man in America: The Making of Douglas Macarthur

Douglas MacArthur is one of the most controversial generals in American history – and one of the most brilliant. His legacy was colored by his outsized personality, his self-importance, and his disregard for civilian authority. Yet he conquered more territory with fewer men than any general in World War II. In this book, celebrated historian Mark Perry rehabilitates this paradox of a man, examining how he led America to victory in the Pacific and reshaped modern warfare in the process.
A compelling new appraisal of Douglas MacArthur, The Most Dangerous Man in America is a penetrating account of a true military genius, a man who continues to be celebrated and misunderstood in equal measure.
Author: Mark Perry
Published by: Basic Books
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Entrepreneurial Spirits: Through the Seventeen Success Principles of Napoleon Hill

Financially, Poly I. Emenike achieved a lot through the books authored or co-authored by Dr. Hill. It is worthy of note that about 95% of the material wealth he have acquired in life was inspired by the Principle of Success teachings espoused in Dr. Napoleon Hill’s various writings. Thus, the business, which he commenced with a capital of about $2.00 (300 Naira) on July 14, 1975, being his 2 year earnings, working as an office boy in his Uncle’s Law firm, has today blossomed into a multi-million dollar business empire. Added to this is the fact that at a time when it looked like he would end up with only primary school educational qualification, he was inspired to further his educational pursuit owing to the enormous inspirations he drew from reading Dr. Hill’s writings. Today, Mr. Emenike has not only acquired secondary education but also a University education at the highest level. In other words, Dr. Hill’s books have had a catalytic effect on his desire to become an educated business man; he now possesses good University degrees at the Bachelors and Masters Level from a very reputable university in Nigeria, University of Lagos.
Author: Poly I. Emenike
Published by: The Napoleon Hill Foundation
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Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his Final Days

Driven by a desire to show the world who Michael Jackson truly was – bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard have produced the only definitive, first-person account of Michael Jackson’s last years. The truth is far more compelling than anything you’ve yet heard.
Whitfield and Beard tell the story of a man struggling to live a normal life under extraordinary circumstances, the story of a father fighting to protect and provide for his children. Remember the Time is the book that dismantles the tabloid myths once and for all to give Michael Jackson back his humanity.
Author: Bill Whitfield & Javon Beard with Tanner Colby
Published by: Weinstein Books
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