Couches and Cupcakes Grand Business Salon Event by Women in Business .org-2016

A very cordial welcome to the WOMENINBUSINESS.ORG Couches & Cupcakes Grand Business Salon with host venue sponsor NYBG. The important information you need for your Salon participation.

Salon Check-in started at NOON when all participants arrived at the main Tram Station. NYBG representatives gladly indicated a short outdoor walkway to the Station. The Tram will loop-run until 12:20 PM. The open NYBG Tram will quickly transport you “back in time” through the winter garden to the historic Stone Mill where you will be warmly greeted. Everyone can expect business & pleasure, always with a point – and a few surprises.
During the March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Grand Business Salon, the NYBG Tour Guides skillfully escorted Salon participants on our special private tour of Orchidelirium. Plan to participate and experience SweetSuccess in the entire exciting, full schedule until Salon conclusion at 3:30 PM in the beautiful glass-domed Haupt Conservatory.
World Liberty TV, Team was on hand were our Executive Producer Dr. Abbey was honored for his contribution, to Women’s Causes world wide during Women’s History Month ,and many more women were honored, a wonderful event put together by Mrs Tody Nadler Founder and President of .

World Liberty TV, Was the Official Network of The Women in Business .org Event.

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