Boxing Trainer & Cutman, Jimmy Glenn – New York, 2012

From the moment that the sport of boxing entered his life, it has been James Lee Glenn’s greatest growing passion. He has pursued it like he has pursued all the truly important things in his life: with passion tempered by patience.

Glenn worked as a trainer and cut man. He has worked with Floyd Patterson, Bobby Cassidy, Ralph Correa, Howard Davis Jr., Terrance Alli, and Mark McPherson. Soon after settling into his job as a bar owner, James began his search for a new gym. He opened The Times Square Boxing Club in the late 1970’s.

From this new venue, James welcomed everyone with an interest in boxing and a willingness to follow his simple rules: honesty and respect. Young fighters fought their way through the seedy streets of Times Square, where greed and crime ruled, up to the second floor gym, where respect, perseverance, and hard work were the order of the day.

Though many of them lacked the skills or the talent to be the next Hagler, Leonard, or Spinks, they kept coming back to learn the sport of boxing. They learned from the big man, with the soft voice, who they all called Mr. Glenn. Though few of them became champions, he helped them all become men.

James Glenn has been in the sport of boxing for over 50 years. Though his accomplishments within the boxing world are numerous and his knowledge of the sweet science is vast, he is a man whose true value goes beyond his trophies and champions. James Glenn has touched the boxing world so profoundly not because he teaches men to be fighters, but because he teaches fighters to be men.

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