Disney’s Safari Park at Animal Kingdom Orlando Florida-2017

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Disney Safari Park

Lion Facts

Africa is one of the original areas of the Animal Kingdom (AK) park. Set in the fictional east African port village and the Harambe Wildlife Preserve is home of Africa’s main attraction, Kilimanjaro Safaris. Guests climb aboard an open-sided safari vehicle for an expedition to see African species in savanna, rivers and rocky hills.

Disney's Elephants

Elephants roaming in Safari

On the adjacent Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, visitors trek into the forest where black-and-white colobus monkeys, gerenuks, gorillas, hippos, Kenyan sand boas, kori bustards, meerkats, naked mole-rats, okapis, tarantulas, and yellow-backed duikers, as well as an aviary, are all nested.

Disney's Gorilla Falls

Gorilla falls

On the western side of Africa is the Harambe Theater, home to the Festival of the Lion King, a stage attraction based on the 1994 Disney animated hit film.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is the only section of the park not connected to Discovery Island; it connects only to Africa. Guests board the 3 ft narrow gauge Wildlife Express Train for the short trip to and from the area, consisting of three sub-areas.

Disney Safari Tour Bus

Tour bus for Safari

Guests first encounter Habitat Habit!, where they can see cotton-top tamarins and learn about the efforts to protect these endangered primates in their natural homes. Along the way, guests can also learn how to provide animal habitats in and around their own homes.

White Rhino of Disney

White Rhino

Conservation Station showcases the various conservation efforts supported by Walt Disney Co. It gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into AK’s animal care facilities, including a veterinary examination room complete with a two-way communications system so the veterinary staff can answer guest questions. Outside, Affection Section is a petting zoo featuring goats, sheep, and other domesticated animals.

50 Species of Birds at Disney Parks

Many Bird Species at AK Safari

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