Eliette By Eliette Lesuperbe – Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France in Caribbean – 2013

Eliette, operates her shop in Guadeloupe, serving as a showcase for “ELIETTE LESUPERBE” branding products to promote her expertise. The target customer is the one able to wear her creations from chic, ready to wear to Urban style.

Her brand has grown dramatically and has been very successful over the time. Eliette surfaced recently as one of the most prominent stylists/designers in the Caribbean islands and also begins to benefit from international recognition highlighting by her various participations in many local fashion show and prestigious events in the Caribbean, TV and radio appearances and more, such as “ Mondial de la Coiffure, ‘Style Week Jamaica’, recently the ethnic lab Fashion Weekend 2012 in Paris. An amazing collaboration with Hair Dresser/Ambassador of the brand Mizani for l’Oreal: Alexis Rosso and lastly a consecration as best designer in the 6th edition of the woman in gold (July 2012).

Visionary and futuristic French Guadeloupean Designer/stylist Eliette Lesuperbe, originally from Guadeloupe has more than 15 years of experience in the field of fashion. Passionate, she describes fashion as a way to live through creativity. A perfectionist at heart and follower of elegance, she always tries to excel. Eliette is in tune with the times and wants to carry out the objectives and path she has chosen: to create value to women.

Her main inspiration comes from the world around her, materials, and different cultures. Eliette defines her style as a mix of European fashion, Caribbean and African. Her creations are not meant to be categorized as Caribbean. She creates all kinds of clothes, from haute couture to everyday casual. She gives her imagination free rein. Eliette differs significantly from other designers by a boldness and creativity.

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