Exclusive Interview with Kim Spadaro, Founder & Creative Director of SPADARO, Luxury Fragrances – 2011

Entrepreneur, world traveler, mother of three. These are just some of the hats that Kim Spadaro wears. She is the founder and creative director of Spadaro, a new fragrance collection launching at select Nordstrom in Fall 2011, as well as Rosie True, Jacksonville. Kim is creatively driven and self-made, a woman as inspirational as her signature scents.

With a thriving new career, Kim began taking exotic trips to faraway destinations she had always dreamed of: Majorca, Marrakech, Sicily. Once home, she would recreate the memories of her travels with essential oils, bottling her experiences drop by drop into personal perfumes. Before long, she was stopped, accosted and begged by those wanting to know what fragrance she was wearing. It was then that Spadaro was born.

Spadaro is the culmination of years of Kim’s passion and experience, combining her loves of aromatherapy, design and travel into a lifestyle brand that celebrates the spirit of adventure and inspires journeys of self-discovery.

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