Final Clinton Global Initiative Meeting NYC -2016

Former president Bill Clinton closed a major chapter of his post-presidential life on Wednesday, marking the end of his foundation’s glitzy, three-day philanthropic confab that had become a hallmark of its work.

CGI, which was founded in 2005, had become the networking event of choice for corporations, nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations and wealthy philanthropists.

“This may be the last annual meeting, but the work and the spirit of President Clinton’s vision and the CGI committed community will live on forever.” Said Many People who were in attendance.

Nevertheless, Clinton launched into a forceful defense of the partnership “model” of philanthropy founded by CGI that he said would be its enduring legacy, in addition to the more than 430 million people counted as beneficiaries of philanthropy that started at CGI over the years.

Clinton did not directly address his critics, but he gave an overall defense of the motivations behind the foundation in the face of accusations by their political adversaries that the foundation served as a source of financial enrichment for the Clintons. CGI, Clinton said, is about “building a culture of possibility” that can be deployed to solve the world’s most difficult and pressing problems.


And despite beginning the week with the suggestion that in its final day CGI would not become a “nostalgia trip,” Bill Clinton did just that. He listed off country after country and initiative after initiative that he had participated in and visited in his post-presidential years, starting the stories with the words “I remember.”

After a few minutes he warned the crowd that “just a couple more” were coming before he was finished.

When he walked off the stage many minutes later, he was greeted with an extended standing ovation.

We at World Liberty TV, Have Covered the Clinton Global Initiative’s for the past 8 years, and the kind of people President Clinton has helped throughout the World, through all regions of the World, with Medicine, Housing , Education, building of Haiti, is an honorable act of Humanity, and we heard testimonies, from World Leaders, and people helped by the Clinton Global Initiative’s, over and over again, in the past 8 years.

I want to finish of with this,  President Clinton is one of the greatest  Humanitarians, of our Era, we honor him and respect him ,for all he has done for Humanity, Thank you President Clinton for giving us the opportunity, to showcase your Humanitarian work on our World Liberty TV, Humanitarian Channel, you will always be our “Humanitarian Champion”. God Bless you!.

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