Frederick Anderson Spring 2022 Collection, The Incredible lights of Freedom

Frederick Anderson collection is a collection of designs and ideas by Frederick Anderson.   Frederick started his first company fresh out of FIT and after 20 successful years in the industry Frederick is finally working on his own singular vision of clothing, selling, and ultimately how he see’s women dressing and living today.

“The Frederick Anderson woman lives in the world and not in her home. She loves life and lives her life to the fullest. She writes her own rules in dressing and in life.”

Welcome to “ .anderson”… I look forward to sharing my story with you”.

Frederick Anderson’s show at Park and 63rd on a rainy (but, oy, steamy) Thursday morning. It is an archetypal New York Fashion Week moment.

The diversification of visions and voices has been a terrific and welcome change for NYC fashion, but let’s not forget those designers who are giving a youthful and thoughtful twist to what was called, back in the day, ‘uptown clothes.’ We do need to be hearing, and acknowledging, everyone who makes up the particular patchwork of New York’s fashion scene.

You can see exclusive interview with Frederick Anderson and his new Spring 2022 collection line titled, The Incredible Lightness of Freedom, in our World Liberty TV, Fashion Channel by clicking here.

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