Getgeeked New York Event at Brooklyn Expo Center -2015

Think about the challenges your brand is facing today. Any savvy marketing or PR professional will tell you that they’ve changed a great deal in just the last few years.
Securing press coverage is still critical to your success, perhaps even more so now that consumers are avoiding or simply tuning out most advertising.

But to succeed today, brands must also find ways to meaningfully engage elusive, and increasingly influential, consumers. The reviews, recommendations, and opinions they’re sharing are more trusted than any other type of marketing communication and they’re more far-reaching than ever before.

Turning these enthusiasts into word-of-mouth advocates is one sure way to get ahead of your competition.
Brands today also must tell their own story by creating and publishing their own compelling content across the social web. In today’s world, we’re all publishers. That means finding and leveraging opportunities to create content that will resonate with your target consumers.

What hasn’t changed are outdated, overpriced tech industry press events. They’re still charging you thousands of dollars and doing nothing to help you meet these new challenges.
We created getgeeked to help brands meet all the difficult marketing and PR challenges they’re confronting today at one affordable event.

For less than the cost of a typical press-only event, at getgeeked you’ll meet with all the same press you’re used to seeing at those events plus over a thousand influential consumers. Our press attendees represent the leading tech blogs, journalists focused on emerging tech categories like wearables and robotics, local print and broadcast outlets, as well as journalists covering lifestyle, health, education, and other areas where technology is having more and more of an impact.

Getgeeked consumer attendees represent the savvy, influential tech enthusiasts that brands need to engage with. They’re early adopters of new technology and usually the “go to” person in their peer group for advice on what tech products to purchase. In short, they are the ones who have significant impact on which new products succeed and which don’t. They are also some of the hardest consumers to reach. But they show up at getgeeked, eager and enthusiastic to meet with you. That’s what makes getgeeked unique, fresh and important for you to attend.

World Liberty TV, Tech Team was on hand to cover the Get Geek Event at Their new Location at the Brooklyn Expo Center, See the many vendors showcasing there Tech Gadgets and more right here in our World Liberty TV, Technology Channel.

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