HIFIMAN Headphone Reviews, possibly the best Headphones in the World -2023

 BY: World Liberty TV Technology Review Team

HIFIMAN SUNDARA Closed Black Headphones: The new Sundara Closed-Back of course has the Stealth Magnet and NEO Supernano Diaphragm technologies.

Elegant Beechwood Ear Cups

The “Stealth Magnet” is supposed to reduce wave diffraction turbulence which degrades the integrity of soundwaves. It – according to Hifiman – also reduces distortion to barely audible levels, yielding a purer, more harmonious sound.

The earcups however are from wood, and the color is very eye catching.

Hifiman sundara closed back Headphones

Design: Closed-back planar magnetic headphones. Manufacturer Freq. Response: 6 Hz – 50 kHz Impedance: 20 Ohms Sensitivity: 98dB Weight: 432 grams Color: Black frame with silver trim and golden-brown beechwood earcups.

sundara closed back Folded

Accessories: One 4.8′ (1.5m) cable with a 3.5mm stereo angle plug on one end and two 3.5mm stereo plugs connecting to the earcups. One 1/4″-to-1/8″ (6.3mm-to-3.5mm) adapter.

Priced around $399.00 can be bought at Hifiman website by clicking here.

AUDIVINA Headphones Specs

HIFIMAN AUDIVINA Headphones: The Audivina sounds as good as it looks. The silver accents of the metal headband combined with the brown leather of the headrest and ear pads are timeless. The closed-back wooden ear cup design is familiar enough for Hifiman headphone fans, but the design is distinct and premium. Hifiman has made a truly beautiful headphone that stands apart from the crowd.

Audivina’s ergonomic headband is constructed of high-precision CNC (computer numerical control) metal that is hand-polished for the ideal combination of comfort and durability.

Audivina Studio Headphones

Technical Specifications: Frequency response: 5Hz-55kHz,     Impedance: 20Ω,    Sensitivity: 97dB, Weight: 470 grams/16.57 ounces.

Accessories Included:    1 x Single-end 3.5mm cable (1.5m), 1 x XLR balanced cable (3m),    1 x Single-end 6.35mm cable (3m).

AUDIVINA Closed Headphones

Priced around $1,999.00  AUDIVINA Headphones can be bought at Hifiman website  by clicking here.

Dr Abbey with Fang Bian Founder HIFIMAN

Me and my team have done many reviews of leading headphones, throughout many years and I have to say the Hifiman AUDIVINA and SUNDARA are truly a pleasure to listen to music, the sound is absolutely great no distortion. The Both headphones are very reasonably priced versus the competitors and packed with so much technology. The Wooden Look gives them a very unique look and makes them stand out.

I would go as far as to say these both headphones are possibly the best in the World at this time. With finishing our reviews.

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