Initiatives in Art and Culture ,Presents 12th Annual Gold + Diamond Conference-2022

BY: Betina Crione Guest Writer for World Liberty TV

IAC has organized an annual in-person conference devoted to gold and diamonds since 2011, holding its 2020 and 2021 events virtually. This year, “Bolding Building the Future: Gold, Diamonds, and Jewelry in a Transformational Age,” will take a wide-ranging look at the industry, employing jewelry as a lens.

Dr Abbey with Edward Asscher Former President Royal Asscher Diamond Company & Current President World Diamond Council

Government, civil society, communities, and industry must preserve the magic, romance, and emotional power of gold, diamonds, and jewelry for the consumer while finding new ways to convey all of this.

Dr.Abbey with Mark Hanna CMO RICHLINE GROUP

At the same time, they must meet the imperatives of responsible sourcing and practice and environmental and social awareness, all of which underpin the UN’s SDGs and the key outcomes of COP 26. This tension is the focus of the Conference.

The Conference kicks off on July 18 with an evening event honoring women of accomplishment in the jewelry industry to take place at CADAR the New York City-based fine jewelry line designed by Michal Kadar, in the Fuller Building.

Dr Abbey with Jean Z. Poh CEO CADAR Jewelry Co

During the Conference, IAC will again present two major awards: the Award for Leadership in Responsible Practice to Mark Hanna (Richline Group) and the Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Diamond and Jewelry Industries to Rob Bates (JCK).

 Recipients of the Award for Leadership have included Toby Pomeroy (Mercury Free Mining), Feriel Zerouki (DeBeers Group), Anisa Costa (Tiffany & Co. and the Tiffany & Co. Foundation), Robert Weldon (GIA), and Cristina Villegas (Pact). In 2021, the inaugural recipient of the Outstanding Contributions Award was World Diamond Council President Edward Asscher.

R-L Edward Asscher one of the panelists

CADAR is a modern, luxury jewelry house that creates impeccably crafted 18k gold and diamond jewelry. Our strong, fashion-forward clientele prize story-driven design and quality craftsmanship.

The jewelry is handcrafted in New York City and Italy by local artisans, each piece reflects Founder & Creative Director, Michal Kadar’s singular standards for design and quality. Founded in 2015, CADAR made its retail debut at Bergdorf Goodman and quickly became one of the most compelling new luxury brands in the fine jewelry industry.

Dr Abbey with Olga Gonzalez Publicist for Event

It was a well-attended conference with close to 100 people in attendance, from all over the world, many great panels and great speakers who spoke on panels, we had a great pleasure of speaking with  Edward Asscher, former president of , Royal Asscher Diamond Company, and current president of World Diamond Council, you can watch his interview in our World Liberty TV, Luxury Channels by clicking here.

One of many panels in progress

Lisa Koenigsberg, President / Founder, Initiatives in Art and Culture, organizer of the event alongside her professional staff did an outstanding job for the two days of the conference, we also like to thank Olga Gonzalez, The Publicist for the event, who was very instrumental in setting interviews for us.

Guests Networking During VIP Reception

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