Interview with Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion,Pinklon Thomas (2013)

Pinklon Thomas is a retired heavyweight boxer and former WBC heavyweight champion from 1984 to 1986, whose trademark pink boxing trunks and a powerful left jab were key distinguishing characteristics.

Pinklon Thomas turned professional after just three amateur fights and, with a record of 24-0-1, would finally get his World title shot against reigning WBC champion Tim Witherspoon in August 1984, in Las Vegas, NV.

Thomas won the WBC Heavyweight Championship with a hard fought 12-round battle over “Terrible” Tim Weatherspoon on August 31, 1984. Ten months later, he defended his title against ex-champion Mike Weaver, stopping Weaver with a single punch in the eighth round. Thomas lost the WBC title to Trevor Berbick in March 1986 by a decision.

Thomas came back and reeled off three ko wins before setting up a May 1987 challenge to WBC and WBA Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Although Thomas allegedly took the fight with a serious shoulder injury, he enjoyed success outjabbing Tyson. After a long break for a torn glove, action resumed in the 6th round where Tyson knocked Thomas out with a brutal fifteen punch salvo, knocking the extremely durable Thomas down for the first and last time in his lengthy career. Although he got up inside the count, the fight was waved off.

Thomas went in and out of retirement over the following years, taking fights against top contenders.

In December 1988 he returned from a 19 month layoff to fight #1 heavyweight contender Evander Holyfield. Thomas looked rusty as he was outmatched over 7 rounds, after which he was pulled out of his corner. Long-time trainer Angelo Dundee advised Thomas to retire and stopped working with him.

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