Intel New Products Presentation NYC-2014

Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are dramatically changing the way computing is being woven into our everyday lives: from automotive, healthcare, and retail to manufacturing, IOT, wearables, and more. The Internet of Things is creating a world with endless possibilities.

The Internet of Things is sometimes referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything (IoE), or Industry 4.0. Intel defines the Internet of Things as devices that are connecting to the internet, integrating greater compute capabilities, and using data analytics to extract valuable information.

Through exciting innovations in IoT, Intel enables the possibility for cars that recognize their drivers, supermarket displays that help plan dinner menus, baby clothing that delivers real-time information about your child, and devices that automate energy and water use for optimal savings.

IoT will influence both consumer and business sections. Intel’s IoT focus spans from Quark to Xeon; devices to data centers; hardware and software; security and services; and is delivering products and technologies that embed intelligence into everyday objects to connect and share data and enable the connected world.

Jimmy the Humanoid Robot
Intel’s Brian David Johnson holds ‘Jimmy’ the humanoid robot that can be personalized to walk, talk, make hand gestures, use social media channels and more. This fall, the 21st Century Robot book written by Johnson will be released for free and include how to videos and open source design files for creators to build their own robots.

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