Interview with Hermen Van Den Burg Founder President Burg Android Smart Watch (2014)

Smart watches are now more than just a geek gadget. Smart watches have the future! More and more people now see how clever it is to have your phone strapped around your wrist for a quick check, whenever you want, wherever you are. Imagine being able to look at your wrist instead of your phone to check that message or to watch your favorite clip.

 Don’t you always lose or forget your phone somewhere? The smart watch is the answer to you and your phone truly becoming one. You don’t have to reach to your phone every time you hear a message or if you want to make a quick call, or even a picture! This daring device will truly make your life easier, and give you more freedom then you could have wished for.

 In no time you will realize that you need one on your wrist too, because BURG phone watch with SIM-card makes it possible for you to call and message anytime, without using your phone.

 Founder’s profile

Hermen van den Burg has been exposed to consumer trends and tastes for all his live – from the family retail business in his childhood to various international design awards in his adolescent. These experiences allowed him to participate in many large and global projects at a young age, which even resulted in him being the international image ambassador for a Dutch product. Hermen continued to increase his international experience as a shareholder of a home decoration business that exported to 40 countries around the world. Next to these he personally set up various businesses in the Netherlands, the U.S. and China.

 Later in life Hermen started his own design company in the Netherlands that became the leading trend forecast agency for home decoration and life style products. This company advised many major companies around the world (including Ikea and Target) on immediate and short-term consumer trends.

 Working on an international stage with global consumers has been a second nature to Hermen. Currently he is consolidating his comprehensive knowledge and experience of manufacturing, importing and retailing for the benefit of Burg in the European, American and Asian markets.

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