Interview with Author/Photographer Sadaf Syed of iCover Book

 By : Dr.Adal M.Hussain,Phd (AKA) Dr.Abbey  ,Editor @ Large for World Liberty TV

Sadaf Syed, the author of iCOVER: A day in the life of an American Muslim covered girl, gives us a synopsis about what you would read in this incredibly inspiring documentary book. See More here

Mrs. Syed traveled for four years, all over the world, documenting different Muslim women from diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. When asked why, she simply said to celebrate and honor these beautiful sisters. Mrs. Syed, also a photographer, was able to accurately capture visual moments in the day-to-day lives of these Muslim women.

3x2 04_Interview with Author Photographer Sadaf Syed of I Cover Book 2011

The accompanied photo captions and personal quotes displayed the dimensions of these women’s lives. In the faces of a dancer, a surfer-girl, a biker, a tri-athlete and even a boxer you heard their voices, felt their thoughts, dreams, struggles and fears. With each page, stereotypes are shattered and the misunderstandings that surrounded the female followers of a faith of 1.3 billion diminished. iCOVER has acquired noteworthy publicity both domestically and internationally. It might also be a book you will want to purchase and keep for personal inspiration.

See Exclusive interview with Sadaf Syed in ,World Liberty TV Fashion Review Channel.

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