Interview with Christian Komm, Inventor of the Pokket Mixer – 2012

In November 2009 Christian Komm had the idea for a portable DJ-mixer. On a trip from Berlin to Amsterdam, it happened that passengers in the car had an argument amongst each other, who was allowed to connect their MP3-Players to the car radio.
Christian was thinking that “if we now just had a mini DJ-mixer, we would all have a lot of fun on our ride.”

Back at home he was searching for a mini DJ-mixer, which runs without electricity and to which you can connect two MP3-players. But he could not find such a mixer. Being a professional radio and TV technician and an educated sound-engineer, Pokketmixer he began to think about it and finally invented a so-called “passive set-up”. Soon after the development he applied for a patent and trademark

Together with his friend Robert Thomalla they built the first handmade POKKETMIXERs in a little workshop on an island near Berlin and sold them. Meanwhile Christian Komm and Robert Thomalla are the heads of the business POKKET GmbH. From a production line in Berlin they are now distributing the POKKETMIXER worldwide. This resulted in the opening of the Flagship store in Prenzlauer Berg.
World Liberty TV had the pleasure of interviewing this genius of a man, for inventing a great tech product, one which does not even use batteries. After you see the interview you may agree.

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