Exclusive interview with Shaquille O’Neal Basketball Great-2015

The most dominant player in NBA and a grand entertainer, Shaquille O’Neal nicknamed Shaq, is a rare gregarious personality in the history of sports. The hulking 7 feet, 315 pound giant American basket ball player has a controversial success story in other areas of entertainment like rap music and movies. Renowned for his witty and humorous comments in media, the professional NBA athlete has a Net worth of $250 million making him one of the wealthiest sportsperson in the world.

The NBA superstar was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1972, and graduated from the Louisiana State University. He is in fact the only NBA player with an MBA degree. Nicknamed Diesel and Superman, the entertainer after reaping success in the ball game, turned his attention to films appearing in Kazaam, Blue Chips and Steel which earned decent public reviews. Off the court, Shaquille also reinvented himself as a rap artist. His solo debut album achieved the prestigious platinum status and overwhelmed with its grand success, the great entertainer has launched four rap albums till date.

Starting his career playing for Orlando Magic, and carrying the good work till Boston Celtics, Shaquille covered an extensive journey sweating hard work and earning fame and wealth in return. The professional athlete has also been a spokesman for reputed brands like Reebok and Pepsi. During his 19 year career, the NBA superstar earned approximate $292 million in salary and nearly as much from the various endorsements. The big hearted man adored spending as much as earning it, which is quite clear from his monthly expenses on vacations ($110,505), dry cleanings ($6,730) and possessions of plush cars which include Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Gallardo and Mercedes-Benz SL550.

Hulk Shaquille’s expertise in scoring, blocking, rebounding and shooting during the course of play brought nightmares for his opponents and a flurry of eminence and affluence for himself. With prestigious 15 All-star game appearances, 4 NBA titles and a league MVP award, Shaquille has earned the repute of being termed the connoisseur of basket ball. He also became the first player in the NBA history to be named Player of the week in his first week in the league.

World Liberty TV, Team was on hand at CES 2015,Moster Press Conference where shaq was the Spokesperson for The Products ,and that’s where we did the interview with him.

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