Jim S .Tsai US President for Snail Games USA-2015

Snail Games, the parent company to LA-based Snail Games USA, has been a dominant figure in the Chinese gaming industry for over a decade. As the gaming landscape continues to change and the importance of mobile grows, Snail has set its sights on developing new concepts in gaming hardware and services, a peek at which it will allow this January.

Key to its innovation strategy is the integration of software, hardware and services. Snail has already made the move into telecom, providing network services in China since early 2014. Snail has developed specialized data packages for mobile gaming, with free data and special rewards when used together with certain apps from Snail’s large library of mobile games.

This combination of content publishing and development with telephony services, along with the enhanced experience of gaming hardware designed by Snail, has been a successful model in China, and is one Snail looks to bring to the US. Taking the first step on this path, Snail will reveal its latest cutting edge hardware at CES. The Snail W and W 3D will run on an Android-based system, as will the OBox using an adapted OS, allowing users access to a wide range of games and applications. “Our devices come with pre-installed, free gaming content, but you can play any of the popular titles on them,” said Snail Games USA President Jim Tsai, “We want to provide our customers a complete gaming experience through our devices.”WorldLiberty TV, team met up with Snail Games USA President Jim Tsai and interviewed him at there Debut Party During CES 2015 week, see what he had to say about his company in our World Liberty TV, Gaming Channel.

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