Marisu Miranda, Couture Designs from Spain – 2012

Marisu Miranda graduated with a BFA in Fashion Stylizing and Design from Barcelona, Spain. Coming from a highly creative family in the apparel industry, she opened her own business in Barcelona before moving to New York where she was head designer for companies such as Bugle Boy, Gitano, Network Ind., and others.

Marisu has taught Fashion Design at the International Academy of Design & Technology, Tampa, Florida, and conducts Fashion and Styling workshops out of her studio, Marisu Miranda Moda, in Tampa. She participates in the Orlando Fashion and Beauty Show and the Orlando Expo, and her designs have been featured in international fashion newspapers and magazines.

Marisu Miranda’s fashion designs have been nominated and won several international competitions.

Marisu also features her own haute line of Abaya and Kaftan. All are of original design made from only the finest fabrics from around the world.

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