NEW DOHVINCI art and design kits Debut for Hasbro 2014

Now Creativity Pops off the Page with NEW DOHVINCI art and design kits; an entirely new art experience from the makers of PLAY-DOH brand modeling compound! Featuring an ALL-NEW patent-pending design compound and an innovative Styler tool, the creative experience is highly intuitive, enjoyable, unique and completely engrossing for kids of all ages! Simply pop your favorite color into the Styler and squeeze to easily create your own beautiful 3D art designs. With so many colors and application techniques, no two designs will be the same, and since the design compound sticks to other surfaces such as wood, glass, duct tape, and paper – the creative possibilities are endless!

 The launch collection includes DOHVINCI room décor kits such as the Style & Store Vanity, the Flower Tower Frame Kit, and the Door Décor Kit. Pick up some replacement DECO POP colors so you can customize designs your own way and then display with pride!

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