New York Fashion Week Shows and Events Feb -2017

See some of the leading fashion designers and models  from all over the world, alongside world renowned entertainers ,entertaining the New York Fashion Week 2017, audiences.

Couture Fashion Shows at  NYFW Feb -2017:  Couture Fashion Week, founded in 2005 by Andres Aquino, presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City, Cannes and other selected cities. Featuring: Fine designers from around the world presenting exquisite garments and accessories ,World class entertainment ,Exhibits of art and luxury products and services and Parties and receptions. See more of Couture fashion Shows by clicking here.

Albania Rosario’s Uptown Fashion Week  Designer Shows -2017: Uptown Fashion Week, New York — What has become the signature multicultural fashion event of New York City, Uptown Fashion Week founded it’s development on providing exposure for established, emerging and upcoming clothing designers from around the world in an effort to extend meaningful fashion trade. Accomplishing this has been an undertaking in nurturing opportunities for the publicity of international talents whose creative abilities are overflowing but financial resources are not. Uptown Fashion Week prides itself on continuing its work throughout the year to build bridges engaging community inclusion by leading events, social activities and diversity initiatives. See more about Uptown Fashion Week by Clicking here.

Jurvis Jarvis Designs -2017: Men and Women’s wear designer Jurvis Jarvis , The line between conservative and daring was blended, making this presentation a promising one for the up and coming Jurjis Jarvis. See more designers in our World Liberty TV Fashion Channel by clicking here.

New York Fashion Week 2017 Entertainers : From all over the World doing a live performance on the Runway, very musing and entertaining . See more entertainers like these in our World Liberty TV, Celebrity and   Entertainment Channel by clicking here.

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