NY Now Summer Show & World Liberty TV’S Best Product list for -2023

By: Lidia Evita, Staff Writer for World Liberty TV

NY NOW, the premier wholesale event in NYC, is set to make its grand return from August 13–16 this summer at The Javits Center.

L-R Dondrill Glover NYNOW Consultant with Jeanine Polizzi Founder BIZ BLOOM

This highly anticipated multi-day event promises a larger-than-ever experience, providing brands with unparalleled opportunities to connect with buyers and supercharge their businesses.

Twice per year, top buyers come to NY NOW to witness the hottest debuts, high-end designs, and must-have wares in the gift, home, and accessories industries.

Pamela Young CEO OLDE HAVEN Farm

With three newly consolidated categories – Home, Gift & Lifestyle, and Jewelry & Accessories – NY NOW offers a perfectly curated space that tens of thousands of retailers trust for trend-spotting, discovering emerging bands, and networking with industry trailblazers.

NY NOW is all about community – bringing together brands, designers, and buyers in the retail capital of the world to make the defining connections that supercharge their businesses.

Thousands in attendance

With 3 core sections across 35+ product categories, NY NOW is designed to meet needs and exceed expectations both in person and online via Bulletin Wholesale, where retailers can browse and shop for their stores, and brands can get in front of the most coveted buyers.

The show promises the unrivaled thrill of in-person connection and endless discovery, while NY NOW’s new wholesale platform makes ordering a breeze for thousands of buyers in attendance.

Products range from aromatherapy, pampering skincare and wellness to designs that celebrate recycling and luxury lifestyle, to artsy stationery and the most tempting eclectic gifts, as well as hot home décor, tableware, sexual wellness, and cannabis and psychedelics.

Indonesian Pavilion

Come and check out the brands flocking to NY NOW, including some notable names like Matt & Nat, Golden Gems, Corkcicle, Swim to the Moon Jewelry, Hudson and Oak, Dad Grass, Fred & Friends, and more.

Plus, check out three Bulletin Incubator spaces at the event – one per each core category section – featuring emerging wholesale brands like Tai-Lite Beauty.

We met some great exhibitors and vendors at NY Now 2023, who had great products and merchandise they were showcasing.

Dr Abbey with Alex Bear Founder Will + BEAR Hat Co

WILL+BEAR Hat Co: Will & Bear was born in 2015 from the place we feel most inspired; on the road. Alex (Bear) was looking for a hat that wasn’t intimidating, was practical, long-lasting and felt natural in the Australian outdoors. Loz (Will) watched Alex struggle to find something that he felt comfortable trying on. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we set out to create it. To learn more to  buy  from Will+Bear Hat Co, click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with Ally Lei Founder augustnoa co

Augustnoa : we are a female founded small business, created because we couldn’t find the bag we were looking for. there was something missing from traditional backpacks — none could marry function with design and sustainability. we decided to make the bag that we and you’ve been searching for. To learn more about augustnoa Co, click here for more information.

R-L Christopher DE SMET ,CEO GARZINI Wallets & his partner

GARZINI : In 2016 Christophe returned to Belgium and started to develop a new Magic Wallet. He improved the initial design, size and quality. The new collection was named Garzini, “a name that really embraces the premium feeling of the product”, explains Christophe.

“The initial plan was to sell online, but as several retailers showed interest in Garzini, new doors opened.” A beautiful display with video screen was developed to explain the Magic Wallet system and Garzini participated in international tradeshows. To learn more to buy from GARZINI, Click here for more information.

Dr Abbey with Elizabeth from Save the Girls Co

Save the Girls: ‘Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses’ began after the founder, Tami Lange, had two daughters’ phones bite the dust in the same week. One washed and spun, the other was lost on a hike. Her sister-in-law’s solution was to use her bra as a cell pocket even-though she had breast cancer!

Lange decided it was time to stop the madness and she developed a way for women and girls alike to safely, securely and fashionably carry their phones! As a part of the Mission of Save the Girls we donate 10% of profit to Breast Cancer Research. To Learn more to buy from Save the Girls, click here for more information.

Sean Osborne Creative Dir JK.ADAMS


JK.ADAMS:  At JK Adams, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is this belief that drives us to create the highest quality, hand-crafted wood products for cooking and entertaining.

Times have changed but we are proud to say that our values have not. We remain committed to producing high-quality products from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods in Dorset,Vermont. We’re a second-generation family-owned business with employees that have been with us for decades—and who are proud of the products we produce together. To learn more to buy from JK.ADAMS, Click here for more information.

Monarch & Mariposa Co heads

Monarch and Mariposa Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry and Feather Bowties: Monarch and Mariposa is an eco-friendly brand focused on preserving and showcasing the beauty of nature. We use ethically and sustainably sourced bird feathers, butterfly wings, and beetle wings in all of our jewelry and accessories.

See Feather Bowties , To Learn more to buy from Monarch and Mariposa, click here for more information.

Lili with Daphne Li CEO PAWSOME PETS NY

PAWSOME PETS NEW YORK: Pawsome Pets New York is one of the leading online pet stores, and we attribute this growth to our desire to always put the customer first and providing them with an excellent, insightful, and convenient shopping experience! Our client’s and their pets’ satisfaction matters more than anything to us. To learn more to buy from PAWSOME PETS NEW YORK, click here for more information.

Brandon Ellis of Ocean Beach Co

Big Foot Sock Co: We also started our online shop, socksandstuff.com, which not only sells our wide collection of novelty socks, but also a variety of other items such as belts and sunglasses.

We do the design for our own brands (Bigfoot and Sock Harbor), and we sell other brands as well. We basically do it all, and love what we do. As our family business continues to introduce new designs and grow, please join us on our journey. To learn more to buy from Big Foot Sock Co, click here for more information.

Lance Kim Sales Manager POP BAG USA

POP BAG USA: A phenomenon in women’s fashion Pop Bags are made of customizable and interchangeable leather panels and handles. A brain child of Italian excellence and love for fashion, each bag is imbued with the beauty of the Florence region and the DNA of local craftsmen. Available also are , Totes, Mini bags, Phone Bags, Envelope Clutch, Back packs, Shoulder bags and so much more, To Learn more about POP BAGS USA, or purchase click here for more information.

Harry D KOENIG CO INC Products

Harry D.Koenig Company Inc: Harry D Koenig Co. Inc has been providing high-quality personal care products under the brand name Naturally by Kingsley, Kingsley Kids, and Kingsley for Men for over 107 years.We are importers from around the Globe dealing with the most popular brand of Mason Pearson products from London, England which include the Mason Pearson combs and hairbrushes. We are the exclusive sellers of Mason Pearson products for the USA for over 70 years because we believe in providing the best to our customers.

The complete range of Mason Pearson products is available on our website at competitive rates. Also, we ensure the authenticity of the products from our end before it goes on our website hence rest assured that you get 100% genuine products. To learn more to buy from Harry D.Koenig Company Inc, click here for more information.

Julie Mollo Founder and President of Company

Julie mollo: See just how our super sparkly accessory business came to be, from designing the fruit-inspired clothing worn by pop star Katy Perry, to a line of modern day poodle skirts, there was an entire other business for almost a decade that lead straight to the custom glitter clutches of your dreams that you know and love today! YAY! See Classic Clutch bags and more. To learn more about Julie mollo , Clutch bags or purchase click here for more information.

Amy Finnegan US Distributor for ROCK AND RUDDLE London CO

Rock & Ruddle London: Alexandra and I worked at the beauty giant L’Oréal together for many years and it was there that we developed our interest and love for hair and haircare. It was the perfect place to learn the finer details of creating and marketing high quality products where the focus must always be on the customer. In the years since we launched we have seen the business grow faster than we could have imagined. First concentrating on consumer fairs to test the market and to get to know our customers, then moving on to wholesaling in the UK through such amazing retailers as Harvey Nichols and John Lewis and then on to export. Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes can now be found in department stores all over the world. To learn more or buy Rock & Ruddle London Hairbrush, click here for more information.

Ricardo Gray Founder Nuebiome Co

 Nuebiome : We take a multifaceted approach with bioferments and naturally derived ingredients to support the skin’s microbiome. The microbiome is the delicate balance of microbes, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that maintain the skin’s barrier function and a balanced pH. Our unique clinician developed triple bioferment blend of prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic bioferments resembles your skin’s natural microbial activity to condition and seal in moisture. To Learn more or buy nuebiome, click here for more information.

Georgia Cobb Founder LadyBird essentials

Lady Bird Essentials: Here at LadyBird, we are on a mission to provide you with all-natural bath, body, and home products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and palm oil-free. We believe that what you put on your body should be as safe and pure as what you put inside it. With a deep commitment to sustainability, we strive to create products that are easy to understand, made with ingredients sourced from the USA, and are kind to both you and the environment. To Learn more or buy Lady Bird Essentials, click here for more information.

Derek Meadows Co-Founder PureWine

PureWine to your Health:  Father and son are both from Texas and have been close collaborators from the very beginnings for PureWine. David is a lifelong “tinkerer” and inventor with a degree in chemical engineering while Derek is a serial entrepreneur that has inherited his dad’s love of invention and interest in wine production.

Combining their love of science and wine, they ambitiously set out on a two-year journey to solve a 9,000-year-old problem – unpleasant side effects to drinking wine.

After spending an intense year conducting experiments in their kitchen and a local university laboratory, the “Eureka moment” arrived when together they found the perfect way to selectively remove histamines and sulfites in wine without changing the natural taste, color, or quality of the wine. To Learn more or buy PureWine to your Health, click here for more information.

About NY NOW + Bulletin: NY NOW is the largest gift, home, and accessories wholesale trade show in New York, where brands, buyers, and designers gather to connect and discover.

Held twice a year in NYC, America’s design capital, NY NOW and online wholesale marketplace partner, Bulletin, connect 4,000+ independent brands with 40,000+ U.S. and international buyers from independent stores, museums, department stores, bookstores, galleries, general gift shop, art & entertainment venues and many more.

About Emerald: Emerald is a leader in building dynamic, market-driven business-to-business platforms that integrate live events with a broad array of industry insights, digital tools, and data-focused solutions to create uniquely rich experiences.

As true partners, we at Emerald strive to build our customers’ businesses by creating opportunities that inspire, amaze, and deliver breakthrough results. With over 140 events each year, our teams are creators and connectors who are thoroughly immersed in the industries we serve and committed to supporting the communities in which we operate.

We met some great exhibitors and vendors at NY Now 2023, who had great products and merchandise they were showcasing.

See more about NY NOW Shows in our World Liberty TV, Gift and Houseware Channels by clicking here.

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