San Pietro Ristorante NYC Review-2020

BY: Liliana Rocio, Senior Editor For World Liberty TV

San Pietro is proclaimed by the Italian government, media and culinary organizations as the “Best and Most Authentic Italian restaurant in the world outside of Italy.”

San Pietro believes in the wisdom of“Nourishing Body and Soul” derived from their Salerno ancestors from Southern Italy.

wonderful decor at San Pietro Ristorant

They import the huge majority of their ingredients from the Italian provinces of Compania, Sicilia, Sardinia and Puglia.

Since opening in1992,  San Pietro has been the landmark Italian restaurant in Manhattan, renowned.

For the healthy, delicious cuisine from the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy.With food that promotes longevity and nourishes the soul, “the Mediterranean diet”, San Pietro’s Menu offers a dazzling display of homemade pasta, risottos, black truffles, seafood (salmon with Pistachios, sea bass), treasures of Italian farmland such as eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms.

San Pietro signature sea bass baked in sea salt and fresh herb crust served with steamed vegetables

And other treats to delight the eye as well as the palate.  Of course, the desserts are all homemade.

Their elite, corporate clientele attests to the warm European values and sensibilities that San Pietro’s Service offers.  They adhere to the highest standards of service while treating guests like family.

Fresh desserts prepared in front of you

The art work in the dining room is considered the finest in New York.  The ceiling is adorned with Swarovski crystal balls of various sizes with direct and indirect glow.

WLTV Food & Wine Team Doing reviews

San Pietro is a family restaurant owned and operated by a family comprising every aspect of the Restaurant from the kitchen to the front of the house. Once you dine at San Pietro it will become your favorite Italian restaurant.

After speaking with Mr Gerado Bruno , the president San Pierto  he told us , he has an olive farm in Italy , where they grow the olives and make extra virgin oil, and cherry tomatoes and have it imported in the USA, where they use them in the ingredients for their restaurant.

Classic Cheesecake

The food is freshly cooked, prepared fresh, we tried the eggplant appetizer dish, it was the best we tasted at an Italian restaurant, other dishes we tasted was veal, freshly cooked , it was so tender it melted in your mouth.

I had the Brazzini Fish, nicely cooked and filed with fresh mixed vegetables; the fish was tender, soft and full of taste.

eggplant parmigiana

The Desserts were very tasty, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake , and fresh pears in their own sauce , Italian Donuts, that you dip in a homemade  sauce , that tasted out of this world.., with a nice cappuccino and espresso , of course Italian style.

Red and yellow beets, candy walnuts, goat cheese with a beets vinaigrette Salad

The full bar had all kinds of Wines, Liquors, Juices  soft drinks and much more, the service was excellent with the Captain waiter and his wait staff , giving the best possible service one can offer.

In our Opinion this was the best Italian restaurant in NY, which we reviewed, and we like to give it 4.5 Points out of a possible 5.

Full bar

We like to thank Miriam Silverberg our dear friend and publicist for the San Pietro Restaurant in New York City, for her kind invite.

To book your next dinner date or to learn more about San Pietro Restaurant in New York City, you can click here.

L-R Dr Abbey with Gerado Bruno Owner and 2 Chefs

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