Schoenhut, Manufacturer of Toy Pianos at The N.Y. Toy Fair 2013

Schoenhut is a famous company known for making toy pianos, as well as other cheaper, child-friendly versions of musical instruments such as xylophones, ukuleles, banjos, and guitars. They were founded in the late 1800s by Albert Schoenhut, a German emigrant to the United States of America. The unique metal-bar-based design of the pianos made them a huge success, and this has paved the way for further innovative craftsmanship over scores of years.
At the New York International Toy Fair in 2013, they presented stylish and convenient new versions of their classic toy pianos and other musical playthings.

World Liberty TV was on hand and had the pleasure of seeing Hannah Reimann play many of the Schoenhut Toy Pianos as we taped her live for Our World Liberty TV Games & Toys Channel.

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