Showstoppers Digital Showcase at Wynn Casino at Las Vegas -2019

ShowStoppers is a turnkey table-top showcase where companies demonstrate their products to invited journalists, bloggers, industry analysts and industry leaders.

Arriving two to three hours before the event opens, presenting companies set up their demonstration spaces. Once the event starts, the journalists work their way from table to table, discussing and testing the products and conducting interviews.  The whole event is fuelled by great food and drink.

With hundreds of the best journalists expected to attend each of our events, ShowStoppers assures you the best opportunities to meet the highest number of journalists in the shortest amount of time – driving media coverage for your company, products and executives in the most efficient and affordable manner.

Exhibit: Join global leaders and innovative startups with two shared goals — meet as many qualified journalists as possible in the shortest period of time, and generate coverage of your news and new products.

Shake hands with journalists: ShowStoppers @ CES is a four hour turnkey tabletop showcase event where companies set up and demonstrate their products. We invite qualified journalists, bloggers, industry analysts and industry leaders to the event. They work their way from table to table, discussing products, conducting interviews – all fueled by great food and drink.

Build Brand Awareness: ShowStoppers at CES is a business-centric networking reception that connects the growing community of journalists and storytellers with the technology and decision makers who are shaping our digital future.

Build your brand, get inspired and allow this event to amplify your exposure to new connections that will boost your bottom line.

About Show Stoppers: ShowStoppers is the global leader in press and business events, spanning the United States, Europe and Asia for more than 23 years.

It produces events that bring together select journalists, bloggers, media influencers, industry and financial analysts, venture capitalists and business executives — for press conferences, product introductions, sneak previews, hands-on product demonstrations and strategic dealmaking.

It also facilitates company launches and pitch programs for start-ups, and more.

ShowStoppers produces the official press events at CE Week, IFA, Israel Dealmakers Summit, and NAB — and is an official partner of CTA, the Consumer Technology Association.

We are proud to say we are making our 10th Annual appearance at Show Stoppers 2019 at CES , always a great show, bringing some of the best vendors in the world, see exclusive footage of some of the vendors we showcased in our World Liberty TV Technology Channels and blogs by clicking here.

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