Smucci Too! Unique and Beautiful Pet Beds (Made in America)

The Smucci Matisse (“Muttisse”) Bed made its debut on CBS The Early Show Dec 21, 2009. It was described as “saving the best for last” during the show’s pet segment which displayed the top gifts of the holiday season for our beloved pets!

The Smucci “Muttisse” Pet Bed features a hand painted design inspired by Henri Matisse’s “Woman Sleeping on a Corner of the Table in 1939.” The woman in the painting (and on the bed) appears as if she has fallen asleep suddenly, perhaps during the middle of her day. There is a slight smile on her face which suggests she did not fall asleep from exhaustion or stress, but rather intended to merely take a “cat nap.”

Artist Debi Kahn says, “My intention was to create a bed which literally surrounds pets with one big, beautiful, and very colorful hug as they sleep without fear of any kind.”

The Smucci “Muttisse” Bed is handcrafted in Michigan with a solid wood base and rounded plywood walls which have been plastered to a smooth finish. A representation of Matisse’s masterpiece is hand painted onto the walls of the bed, and then sealed with a finish coat of acrylic. A black and white faux mink cushion is included.

“Why not bring a little art into our lives? This Matisse bed is so beautiful and unique — maybe not something the average pet owner might pick up for her dog, but definitely what every dog deserves! It’s a high-end treat.”
World Liberty TV enjoyed seeing this unique product. Our cat George loves the bed; he does not want to get out of it.

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