Storage Vision Conference 2014 at Rivera Las Vegas

Data Storage is the Key Enabler for virtually every facet of modern society.Storage Visions is the place where you will meet and hear from the innovators driving this technology forward!

Highlights:  Two days packed full of keynotes, sessions and exhibits:

Sessions on:

Capturing the Act of Creation: Looking for Storage for High Resolution Content Capture and ProductionKeeping It Safe: Protecting, Storing and Recovering Personal and Commercial Content

 Analyst Perspectives: Perspectives on Technology and Application Changes

 Evolve or Die! : Storage Developments Drive New Storage System Options

Young Users Speak Out: What will Drive Future Consumer Devices

What we want: A Conversation about Storage for Professional Media and Entertainment Professionals

Smart Phones, Tablets and Ultra books: What will they use for storage?

Content for the Tomorrow: Long Term Content Protection and Archiving

 Up there, Somewhere: Opportunities and Challenges for Consumer and Enterprise Cloud Storage

Future Content—What’s Ahead for Content Storage?

Bringing it All Back Home?: Making, Saving, Sharing and Protecting Family and Business Content

 World Liberty TV, was on hand for the 2nd time for the Storage Vision Conference 2014, and had the pleasure of speaking with its Chairman , Mr Tom Coughlin  see what he had to say.

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