The Corporate Responsibility Magazine (CR) Awards Dinner 2013

Each year, CR Magazine awards the prestigious Responsible CEO of the Year Award to the CEOs who, during the previous year, put themselves at personal and professional risk in order to deliver on corporate responsibility promises.

The dinner will also recognize the winner of the Corporate Responsibility Lifetime Achievement Award that honors individuals whose risk-taking, vision, and pioneering spirit have led to significant achievement in the field over the course of their career.

Come honor the award recipients and recognize the Top 10 Best Corporate Citizens by
Industry as CR Magazine announces the 2013 rankings!

The following were honored:

The Winners of the 2013 Responsible CEO of the year awards were:

James J. Murren, Chairman and CEO, MGM Resorts International
Marillyn A. Hewson, CEO and President, Lockheed Martin.
Denise Morrison, President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company
Patrick Prevost, President and CEO, Cabot Corporation
The 2013 Corporate Responsibility Lifetime Achievement Award winner:
Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint
The 2013 Corporate Responsibility Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy winner:
Charles Moore, Former Executive Director, CECP

The host was Natlie Allen, Anchor for CNN, CNNI, and NBC.

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