WWE Network Presentations by Triple H and Shawn Michaels 2014

Stephanie introduced Triple H and Shawn Michaels as the founding fathers of Degeneration X. The duo came out in DX attire, and threw glow sticks into the crowd. Hunter and Shawn did some schtick. Steph interrupted and said they are awesome at having fun, which is what the show “WWE Countdown” is all about.

 They did the “Let’s Get Ready To Suck It” routine with Stephanie and more schtick. “This is the first time I’ve done it with a woman,” Hunter said. Instead of “Suck It” they said “WWE Countdown” and then “Watch It.” A video hyped the countdown show.

 Triple H and Shawn come out with their DX gear, DX theme and glowsticks. They do some comedy and Triple H talks Shawn into not taking his pants off. Stephanie interrupts and announces WWE Countdown, a new one-hour series that lets fans rank and discuss a variety of topics. Triple H asks her if that’s how she’s going to announce it? She tells them to do better.

 They joke with her and have her assume the position to do the standard DX intro for the Countdown show. Triple H jokes this is the first time he’s “done it” with a woman. Stephanie apologizes and says this is very embarrassing. Triple H says let’s get ready for WWE Countdown and if you’re not down with that, watch this. We get a preview for the Countdown show. The show will count down things like best catchphrase, craziest villain and more. Shawn says he would have stayed on the couch if he had something like the Network when he was a kid. More comedy from the three.

Stephanie talks about Vince becoming a permanent character on TV many years ago. She says behind the scenes, Vince was fighting for his company. She plugs the Monday Night War. Triple H says “Wars” and HBK and Stephanie cut him off, saying there has only been one war. Sounds like a jab at TNA. Monday Night War: RAW vs. Nitro is another new show for the Network. Lots of comedy here. Triple H talks about how crazy the WCW vs. WWE days were. He says it made for some epic TV and we get a preview for the show.

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