Humanitarians of the World Inc Poor Family Presentation at Santa Marta Favela Rio de Janeiro-2017

The Most important part of the Tour was , The Presentation to Homeless, Needy and Poor families in one of the poorest  neiborhoods  Santa Marta Favela in Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil .Where Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us – favela Santa Marta Rio shot his video .

We had gifts for close to 50 People, which we took in 2 full suitcase’s, packed where we could not put anything in them.

We were told by many people that we should not go to the Santa Marta Favela, Rio de Janeiro, they told us everything in the world what can go wrong, and that we might not come back, well with all that said, we still decided to go, because the Mission of Humanitarians of the World Inc, (HOTWINC), is helping the poorest of Poor around the World , and Santa Marta Favela, Rio de Janeiro, had this group of people there.

We were introduced  to Mr Elias Duarte, who is a local tour Guide in the Neiborhood , he asked us what we wanted to do, we told him about our Mission of Humanitarians of the World Inc, (HOTWINC), is helping the poorest of Poor around the World and we wanted to give the Gifts to many of the Poor Families and Children, in the Santa Marta Favela, Mr Elias did not speak English only Portuguese , and very little Spanish and one of our team members spoke to him in Spanish and he translated back to us.

Elais told him that he was born in the santa Marta Favela, Rio de Janeiro, he got his self in many troubles and saw much things happening , which he shared with us , about  extreme Poverty, Killings, and many many more criminal activities happening in the favela, he told us he was one of the lucky ones , by being alive and doing something with his life, he also went on to say he has a house in the santa Marta Favela, and stays there and attends to stay here for the rest of his life, because that is his people and home.

He then told our guide, through broken Spanish, that he personally will take us on the tour, because  since we came all the way from New York , to present gifts to his people , he will not charge us any money at all , but help us to distribute the Gifts to the Poorest of Poor living in the Santa Marta Favela.

For a man only 5ft 2inchs and weighting  115 Ibs , Elais asked us to give him our White bag with Gifts , easily weighing  close to 150IBS, and we did that and he swung it on his back and told us to follow him.

We took the Cable Car, which makes  4 Stops, from the bottom upwards, Elias told us that we will take the cable car to the 4th Level , where most of the Poor families were  living in very poor conditions and they would be good to get the gifts we had to offer them.

First Person he introduced us was an older lady in her 70’s , who had 10 children and most of her Children are dead or in jail and she was taking care of 15 Grand Children ,in her apartment.

The Apartment was crumbling, very poor infrastructure, no furniture  and a lot of Debris .

We left enough gifts , for her grand  children and then moved to the next  needy family, this was a single mother of 2 husband left here again the 1 room shack she was with here ,with here children  after giving here gifts and wishing here the best , we moved to an Disabled lady with 4 Children , again no husband , being a single mom of four , we gave her enough gifts, for her and her 4 children, and she told Elias to thank our Humanitarians of the World Inc , and Dr.Adal and his team for helping people like herself , that made me feel good that we are making a difference with people.

So we can carry on and on with so many stories of Poverty and more poverty ,See exclusive footage right here in this video.Elias after that took us to the Michael Jackson , Statue which is erected on the 4th Level , where we distributed the Gifts to many of the Poor families, so I asked through the interpreter , why did Michael Jackson , do the Video here in at Santa Marta Favela, Rio de Janeiro, where he could of did it any where.Elais replied by telling us that he was here , and was one of the organizers  for the Video , and he had asked the question to Michael Jackson, and was told ,Michael cared about the People and read and heard so many stories about what was happening in the Santa Marta Favela, and with his They Don’t Care About Us Video wanted to bring attention World Wide, and showcase it in a positive way.

At that time Elias had a tear rolling down his cheek, and told us if it was not for Michael Jackson and his Video, he probably would not be working as a tour guide, since the video went viral  it bought so much attention, to Santa Marta Favela, millions of people come to tour the favela and see the Michael Jackson’s Statue and the mural that are erected in his honor and also the Mayor of Rio has proclaimed it The Michael Jackson day. Elais went out to say Michael is loved by every person here in Santa Marta Favela, he will never be forgotten and he was one of the Greatest Humanitarian Ambassadors we ever had.., We don’t care what people said, about him, to us he was the greatest thing happened to us and we will always have a special place in our hearts for him.

In conclusion, I was blessed to have a tour guide, like Elias who informed us about all these things , and took us around from the Goodness of his heart, without charging us anything, as I tried to give him some money for his time, he again refused to take it, and told me if people like you can come from New York to help my people, then I can least do this by donating my services.  For me and my team it was a great lesson ,and a wonderful opportunity to continue our Mission with Humanitarians of the World Inc, (Hotwinc), helping the Poorest of Poor in the World .

We will be making many trips to Santa Marta Favela, in the coming years and work on some programs , in helping the youths, by buying them Soccer Shoes, Jerseys  ,so they can practice soccer and hey you never know , maybe another PELE might emerge.

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