Toshiba Super Bowl Gifting suite event in NYC -2014

tay-bandz is a  501 (C)  3 non-profit  organization  dedicated to raising awareness and funding research for pediatric cancer. tay-bandz was founded by Taylor  Matthews who, at age 11, was diagnosed with cancer. Taylor always believed that individuals could make a difference through private efforts. Her dearest hope was that  “someday no child would ever have to face cancer.”

 tay-bandz is  a “kids helping kids” organization driven by community based efforts.

 The Federal government provides minimal funding for children’s cancer. Children are not politically powerful, don’t pay taxes and don’t march on the lawn of the White House.

 If a difference is to be made in the lives of these children, it will be made by those who dedicate themselves to speaking for them. Without public outcry, these children don’t stand a chance. Taylor knew this first hand and was determined to change it.

 World Liberty TV, had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs  Sue Matthews ,Founder and Executive Director of tay-bandz  and the great work they do for society, at the Toshiba Super Bowl Gifting suite event in NYC -2014

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