Luxury Designer Bags for Women (2012)

The following three Bag designers were interviewed for World Liberty TV Luxury Channel:

As creator and previous owner of “One of a Kind by Iris Lane”, Iris has been designing jewelry and collecting antiques most of her life.

Her newest venture is handbags, where she has wowed the industry with her custom designs. The success of these bags at retailers, both domestically and internationally, has surpassed all of our expectations!

Two Women and a Trunk offer you the best selection of premium women’s fashions, jewelry, handbags and accessories. Traveling several times a year, we are able to provide women’s fashions and accessories that are distinctly unique. Two Women and a Trunk also carry several new Canadian designs from Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Fibre Arts Design Studio, located in Palo Alto, California, is a destination for fine art and the best of design. At our studio you will find:

The Gallery: a curated exhibition space that hosts over a dozen exhibitions a year.

The Shop: a collection of art and design products from around the world.

Fibre Arts Space Planning and Design Services: a team of designers providing contemporary eco-friendly solutions for residential and commercial interiors.

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