New York Fashion Week Fall and Winter Shows-2016

See New York Fall and Winter Fashion Shows right here in our World Liberty TV: Fashion, Fashion Review and Luxury Channels, as our Fashion Team Covered Designers from all over the World ,showcasing clothes that have never been seen before.

The Following Shows were covered:

NY Fashion Gallery Shows -2016
Couture Fashion Week -2016
Elcy Cortorreal
Vintage Couture Showcase
Anniesa Hasibuan From Indonesia
Couture Fashion Shows 2016
Plitz Emerging Fashion Designers Showcase-2016
Adrian Alicia’s “Unorthodox Romance” For Men and Women Fashion Show-2016
Andre Galliano Fashion Show-2016
Monique Miner CEO Caysi Monet Handbags
Don’t forget to watch our Recap of all NYFW Fall and Winter -2016 Towards the end of the Video.

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