New York Fashion Week, (NYFW2021) Fashion Events and happenings-2021

We are so happy to be back at New York Fashion Week 2021, for the past one and half year we did not cover any events in the fashion business, due to COVID-19 pandemic. So things are getting much better versus the last one and half years.
We covered close to 20 designers throughout the USA, with many designs which have not be shown that were being shown for the first time.

The fashion shows were checking every one’s vaccination card or you had to have a Covid test done and show proof before entering the fashion shows, everyone was wearing masks at all times as advised by CDC.
We want to start of with.

/52/”> Plitz fashion Week, founded by Wayne shields who have been doing fashion shows in New York and USA, over 20 years and showcasing designers from all over the world.

The following designers participated at Plitz Fashion Week at New York Fashion Week 2021. Wilmer-Galeano from Illinois, Carlos Valles from Colorado, AyeshiA from Memphis, Tennessee, Mac & Bean Designs from Connecticut, Christina M. Lowanga is the She-EO/Designer of Christina Lowanga LLC, Abnoirmal By Bryonna Nichols and many more.
The brand of Ashley Noxolo experienced its growth almost immediately with vintage clothing reconstruction that led to the creative working some brand magic with heels, turning them into an original, hand-crafted collectible fashion piece.

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